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What to Wear: Holiday Shopping

Take a tip from these celebs and look effortlessly stylish while shopping for gifts this season.

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Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

It's no secret that we obviously love shopping here at StyleBistro. Combined with a chill in the air and holiday spirit all around the city, we're in retail heaven come Christmas time. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year. 

Whether you're shopping for your parents, siblings, best friends, significant other or someone else important to you, there's no denying the feeling of finding the perfect gift for someone you love. But let's be real—it's not that easy. Finding the best present takes time and effort. There are a few obstacles you'll have to endure before getting to watch a face light up with joy as they open your gift. Chances are you'll have to wait in long lines, sift through messy racks and deal with way too many people vying for the same item that you spotted from across the store. 

Dealing with holiday madness can be tough, but believe it or not, picking the right shopping outfit can help make it a bit easier. A pair of comfortable shoes for all-day trips, a hands-free purse for maximum shopping bag holding and clothing that allows you to be mobile enough to reach for things on high shelves are all key elements in a thought-out gifting ensemble. 

Make a list, check it twice and gear up for your next holiday shopping trip with our picks: