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7 Women Share Their Proposal Stories (+ Beautiful Engagement Rings!)

7 Women Share Their Proposal Stories (+ Beautiful Engagement Rings!)
(Photo by Matt and Meg Photography)

After bringing you everything from stunning engagement rings to the best wedding hairstyle ideas to tons and tons of gorgeous gowns, we're rounding out our Wedding Weekend coverage with one of our favorite all-time wedding-related topics—proposal stories!

We caught up with seven lucky ladies (all either engaged or already married) and asked them to share what will forever be one of their fondest memories—plus, pictures of their amazing engagement rings.

Get your tissues handy, guys. These stories made even the most stoic of us shed happy tears!

7 Women Share Their Proposal Stories (+ Beautiful Engagement Rings!)
(Photo courtesy of Mallory)

Mallory, 24

Relationship status: Married
Together for: 2.5 years (married for 3 months)
The ring: A round brilliant-cut solitaire in white gold

Steve proposed on my family vacation in Grayton Beach, Florida in June 2011. I was actually wearing the same outfit I wore to our first date—a striped mens Gap sweater, Citizens of Humanity jean shorts, and Havaiana flip flops. He surprised me at my family's favorite restaurant The Red Bar and took me out to the beach to propose. It was completely unexpected and absolutely wonderful. Afterward, my family threw us an engagement dinner on top of our home as the sun set. It was the perfect day!

7 Women Share Their Proposal Stories (+ Beautiful Engagement Rings!)
(Photo courtesy of Stephanie)

Stephanie, 22

Relationship status: Engaged
Together for: Almost 5 years
The ring: A 1-carat center diamond with three smaller diamonds on each side, forming two hearts

Dan and I met in high school, became best friends, and started dating about a year-and-a-half later. When he proposed, I was living with him and a few of our friends at the time. We had just adopted a puppy together as a group. I remember I was sitting outside in jeans and probably a North Face jacket when Dan called me inside.

When I walked in Rocky (our puppy) was at the door—something tied to his collar. At first, it looked like a small cement block, so I walked toward him to take it off. Like a puppy, of course, he ran away, and I had to chase him around the living room. When I got closer I realized it wasn't a cement block, but a box. I knew right away! I took the box off the string and Dan grabbed it out of my hand. He got down on one knee and said, "Will you marry me?" To which I responded, "Duh!"

7 Women Share Their Proposal Stories (+ Beautiful Engagement Rings!)
(Photo by Matt and Meg Photography)

Aleigh, 24

Relationship status: Married
Together for: 4 years (married for 4 months)
The ring: A family heirloom passed down from his grandmother—he's the first-born grandson. It's an emerald cut sapphire with two baguette diamonds on the side, set in platinum. (Pictured at top.)

Liam proposed to me on our college graduation day at our favorite spot on campus. It's an old historic site on the quad called "The Columns," which feature six Roman-style columns that survived through an old building fire. Of course I was wearing my graduation attire—meaning my cap and gown—but underneath I had on a dress from a local boutique and some pumps. We were together two years before engagement, now we're going into our 4th year together!

7 Women Share Their Proposal Stories (+ Beautiful Engagement Rings!)
(Photo courtesy of Ally)

Ally, 25

Relationship status: Engaged
Together for: A little more than 2 years
The ring: A square diamond with a halo setting

I got engaged on the day of the Color Run, so I was a little messy and wearing jogging clothes that morning. I was supposed to be at work at 1 p.m., but little did I know Garrett had called my boss and planned to me get off the hook. At 11 a.m. my boss called me to tell me I didn't have to go in that day, which I was so excited about!

I called Garrett and told him I was off and wanted to go to the zoo, because it was a nice day—We are big zoo nerds! We ended up leaving early (it was packed!) and driving over to this park that had a huge fountain and pavilion overlooking it. We walked to the top and sat there, talking for a little bit. I had no idea what was going to happen still.

Suddenly, Garrett pulls out a photo album. It was filled with pictures of us throughout our relationship from beginning to end with captions underneath each one. The last page had no picture but just said, "We have been through so much together, will you journey with me through the rest of our lives?" I looked up and he was down on one knee and proposed! I, of course, started crying and said yes! Hysterically, a photographer was there taking engagement pictures of another couple, saw Garrett get down on his knee, and captured the whole candid moment for us!

7 Women Share Their Proposal Stories (+ Beautiful Engagement Rings!)
(Photo courtesy of Shannon)

Shannon, 24
Relationship status: Married
Together for: 3 years (married for 1 month)
The ring: A .92 carat cushion cut with smaller diamonds set in white gold

It was Good Friday, and I went to work like a normal day, talking to Kory throughout the day like nothing was different. After work I decided to go tanning, so I was still in my sweats when I got home. I walked in the door and it was dark, but a few candles and flowers were on the table. I yelled if anyone was home, and our puppy, Birky, came running from upstairs. That's when I saw rose petals on floor.

I got to the staircase and saw pictures of us together from the past 20 months lining the stairs going up. Rose petals, too. This whole time I was babbling to our puppy "What's daddy doing? What's going on? Birky where's daddy?" All while smiling, of course! I got to the top of the stairs, and the room was dark except for a few candles—I could hear a guitar playing.

I was still babbling at this point when I walked into the room and there he was—singing something, but I couldn't make it out. Rose petals were on the bed in the shape of a heart with a little box with a bow in the middle. I was still babbling, "What is going on? What did you do?" when Kory got down on his knee and asked, "Will you marry me?"

It took me awhile to actually say yes, because I was confused and in shock. But I finally did! I eventually found out he had written the song he was playing for me, and he wrote me another one for our wedding day!

7 Women Share Their Proposal Stories (+ Beautiful Engagement Rings!)
(Photo courtesy of Lindsay)

Lindsay, 24
Relationship status: Engaged
Together for: 3.5 years
The ring: A 1.73-carat center stone with 23 diamonds total, set in white gold. The 14 diamonds around the center stone represent each member of their immediate family. There are three diamonds on each side of the band, and on either opposite side there's a diamond from each of our late grandmothers.
Fun fact: Lindsay's mom owns a jewelry shop and helped design the ring!

In May, Tim and I traveled to San Antonio, Texas to celebrate our three-year anniversary. After arriving at our hotel and checking our luggage, we decided to get brunch at one of the restaurants on the river walk. I was wearing a black cotton V-neck, jean capris, and leopard-print Sperrys. Soon after taking a little tour of the area, our hotel called and said our room was ready. Tim said he had a surprise, and told me that he had upgraded our room to a suite. Once we got our bags and got to the room, Tim said he wanted to show me the balcony—and that's where it happened! He got down on one knee and said, "These last three years have been the best of my life. Will you marry me?" Obviously, I said yes!

7 Women Share Their Proposal Stories (+ Beautiful Engagement Rings!)
(Photo courtesy of Erin)

Erin, 29
Relationship status: Married
Together for: 7 years (married for 2 years)
The ring: A round cut diamond in a Tacori setting

While getting ready to practice my nursing skills in front of 50 other classmates—for my clinical!—on what was supposed to be a mannequin, I was informed a real person was going to be in the patient bed. I had no idea at the time, but my boyfriend was pretending to be a burn victim with his arms and head wrapped in fake bloody gauze. In my bright blue nursing scrubs, I began to perform a dressing change. I started to unwrap his head, and it wasn't until he was completely unwrapped that I realized this is my boyfriend, and thought, "Why is he here?"

7 Women Share Their Proposal Stories (+ Beautiful Engagement Rings!)

It quickly dawned on me that something big was going to happen. He said to me, "I have a question to ask you..." and began his proposal, presenting the most beautiful Tacori engagement ring! Of course, I said yes—and the entire class erupted in cheers and tears. After clinical, we drove out to my parents house to share the news. It turns out, he planned a surprise engagement party with all our friends and family!

7 Women Share Their Proposal Stories (+ Beautiful Engagement Rings!)Nathan proposes to Erin—how cute!

Are you guys in tears yet? How incredibly heart-warming are these stories? Do you (or a friend) have an adorable proposal story? We want to hear! Share your story in the comments below—and don't forget to say what you were wearing!
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