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Hate Road Trips? Here are 5 Ways To Make Them Enjoyable

If the destination is what a road trip is about for you, them you've been doing it wrong.

Roadtrips are one of the most amazing things you can do during the summer: Driving through winding roads that watch forests cut back to plains and plains to mountains and mountains to blue coasts. Munching on gas station food and sipping truck-driver-strength coffee ans you listen to the radio and feel the early morning come through your rolled down windows. It gives you a sense of young, reckless adventure. Like you can leave and tuck away into the world whenever you want, as long as you have your keys.

But what if you're part of the camp that, ah, well, hates roadtrips? It's not so much the adventure you don't like, it's the actual getting there that you could do without. Who likes to sit in one spot for hours on end? Who wants to eat breakfast of beef jerky and cola? Or filter through Christian rock stations every time you cross over a new state line? Well, it's really not all that bad! Below are 5 easy tips on how to change your tune about roadtrips and make them more enjoyable. 

1. Pack All The Snacks In The World

You know how studying is more doable when you have a stack of nutter-butters in front of you, or how a bad date isn't such a lost cause when you have a shot at tiramisu at the end? The same logic applies for roadtrips. If you can't stand being in a car longer than three hours, pack all your favorite sweets and treats to have something to look forward to. Now isn't the time to scrimp on the family-size chip bags; go with tradition and fill the backseat up with beef jerky and cookies!

2. Make An Amazing Playlist

Set the mood for your adventure by creating a playlist that will get you excited to go explore. After all, it's not the destination, it's the journey, right? Pick songs that have a sense of fun to them; that make you want to put on your backpack and runaway from home. Think X Ambassadors' Renegades.

Or if you don't have the inclination to find your own songs, use an app like Roadtrip Mixtape, which whips up playlists based on your starting point and destination, building sets based on local artists. Can you just imagine the track switching to jazz the closer you got to New Orleans, or bluegrass the second you cross Tennessee? It gets all them excited feels going.

3. Make It Cozy

It's hard to be cranky when you've got a nest of pillows and favorite blankets building a fort around you in the backseat. Not even the most vehement hater of car trips can deny that's a pretty amazing situation to be in. So put on your favorite leggings, snuggle your face into a big pillow, and watch the road change outside your window.

4. Make It A Food Tour

Listen, food makes everything better. Just refer back to point one on this list. But what happens when you can't possibly eat another twinkie? Move your sight onto a bigger prize.

Research all the amazing things you can eat along your route and make a food tour out of it. Sample the local dishes, the most raved about diners, the most reverent hole in the walls. If you're driving through Tennessee, you're stopping by for ribs. If you're cruising past Chicago, you're going to find out what the deep dish is all about. Making your way through Seattle? Get ready to try a hot dog with cream cheese. It's another element to your adventure, gives you an excuse to pull over and stretch your legs, and will make the states you're cutting through more than just a welcome sign on a highway.

5. Find Cheesy Places To See Along The Way

Just like with the food tour idea, the trick to make a roadtrip enjoyable is to have something more than the destination to look forward to. So while you're busy looking forward to your next slice of pie, keep an eye out for the next "World's Largest" thing you can see. Tick your map full of giant artichokes and bottles of ketchup (for real). Pull off the highway to see the world's largest ball of twine...and then look for the world's largest ball of twine #2 to see it live in its big brother's shadow. It'll be silly, pointless, and have you and your friends grinning at those pictures for years.