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27 Things That Will Happen Right After You Get Engaged

Everything is different now.

27 Things That Will Happen in the Month After You Get Engaged

Engagements are amazing. Also insane. It's like you're going through life all normal-like and then — wham! — that guy you've been dating for 7.5 years asks you to marry him and everything gets turned upside down. And I mean this in the best way possible. You're on the road to married land! YAY!

But it's not quite that simple. Getting engaged is more than a shiny new ring and the promise of walking down the aisle in the near future. You're instantly catapulted into this crazy thing called "wedding planning mode" and it can take over your brain and your entire life if you let it, even if you've already been thinking about your big day since forever.

Below are 27 things that happen after the initial shock and excitement of the proposal.

1. You'll be immediately asked about your wedding date by friends, family, even strangers...even though you got engaged .5 seconds ago.

2. You'll get depressed because everything is SO expensive.

3. You'll try to find a way to sell you soul to pay for the wedding.

4. You'll start freaking out about your bridal party.

5. You'll tell yourself you're going to start that diet. No more pizza. REALLY.

6. You'll buy 58 wedding magazines.

7. You'll immediately begin harassing your partner about things that don't actually matter for another year.

8. You'll stare at your ring anytime you're bored. And even when you're not.

9. You'll retell the engagement story a million times.

10. You'll talk to relatives you haven't seen in years.

11. You'll start thinking about a guest list and then get really annoyed with how many friends your fiancé has. Ugh.

12. You'll drink a LOT...because celebratory cocktails.

13. You'll attempt to quit drinking...because dress shopping.

14. You'll go crazy on Pinterest. Like, really crazy.

15. You'll have dreams about your wedding all the time.

16. You'll wonder if you're talking about your wedding too much.

17. You'll definitely talk about your wedding too much.

18. You'll look through 873 pages of "mermaid dress" image results and screenshot all potential winners to anyone who's willing to put up with your shenanigans.

19. You'll have insane mini celebrations for things like your "2-week engagement anniversary".  This is really just a ploy to have to drink more champagne.

20. You'll email 49 wedding vendors and get really annoyed if they don't all get back to you in 24 hours. As if!

21. You'll threaten to sell your fiancé's TV because you HAVE to get married at that venue that's twice your budget and won't accept promises of your firstborn.

22. You'll call the person you're marrying "boyf...ancé" most of the time because your brain hasn't gotten used to "fiancé" yet.

23. You'll ask all of your married friends about their wedding planning, in hopes of learning ANY sort of trick to make yours easier and cheaper.

24. You'll try to think about whether any of your acquaintances can perform/provide a service for your wedding. Remember that one friend of a friend's cousin? I think she does flowers! YES!

25. You'll debate eloping. Because, really, your friend of a friend's cousin probably doesn't want to do your flowers.

26. You'll tell yourself you won't be a bridezilla while in the process of obsessively thinking about your wedding...like a bridezilla.

27. You'll drink more champagne and even order a pizza because, whatever, you haven't even set a date.