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10 Signs You're Probably a Chocoholic

You're probably even thinking about chocolate right now!

10 Signs You're Probably a Chocoholic

National Chocolate Day only comes once a year, but who needs that kind of reminder when you’re cozier with cocoa compared the average person. And while some people may call you chocolate obsessed, you’d like to think they’re either jealous of your Nutella love, or suffer the horrid misfortune of being seriously chocolate deprived. Yikes! 

Whether or not your chocolate fascination borders obsession may actually remain a mystery, but just in case the thought has crossed your mind, here’s 10 signs you’re probably a chocoholic.

1. You’ve Got A Secret Chocolate Drawer At Work

And you’ve got no regrets...

2. You’ve Got Strong Opinions On All Types Of Chocolates

You’ve even tried to explain to people that there’s a HUGE difference between 55 and 58 percent dark chocolate.

3. You’ve Dipped Everything In Chocolate

There was this one time you even dunked your fries in fondue chocolate.

4. You’ve Got A Chocolate Flavored Tea Or Coffee In Your Pantry

And that’s nothing compared to your hot chocolate stash.

5. You Love Your Sugar Highs

And it’s way better than getting drunk...

6. You’ve Tried A Chocolate Beauty Product Or Two

Seriously, you’ve probably got two chocolate hand creams in your purse right now.

7. Nutella Is Bae

Especially since you just ordered three Nutella cookbooks this week.

8. You Use The Chocolate Hashtag More Than Your Squad

And your Instagram is starting to look like a chocolate-themed Pinterest board.

9. Plus, The Chocolate Emoji Is Your Spirit Animal

Cause it’s the most frequently used emoji in your phone.

9. But Most Of All You Like To Chocolate And Chill

Besides, Netflix and some Hershey’s is better than sex.

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