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Yes, I Love My Cat But Stop Thinking I Hate Your Dog

In defense of cat AND dog lovers everywhere.

Everyone who knows me also knows that I have a cat. In fact, they know that not only am I the owner of a cat, but that I also love my cat...a lot. Like, tattoo'd on my ankle a lot (it's subtle guys, I swear). And because of these said truths, I am automatically categorized as a cat person, and a lightweight crazy cat lady too. While I have absolute zero shame about my love of my cat (his name is Chandler btw), or my liking of cats in general, it is a tad bit annoying when others ignore the fact that it's humanly possible for someone to be both a cat person and a dog person at the same time.

You see, my love of cats and dogs are completely independent of one another. I don't know when it was decided that you can only like one or the other. I also don't understand what people have against cats, but that's for another rant discussion. It's almost as if by liking cats, people assume I view all other animals as completely unworthy of my time and energy. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of cat memes I've been sent, or the the endless (black) cat mugs/plates/clothes/ I've received. This past birthday every. single. person. gave me a cat-related gift. I'm not even exaggerating. Don't get me wrong, I loved it all — but you get the point.

What people fail to understand is you can't always have a dog. Considering my fiancé and I live in a one-bedroom apartment and are both gone for about 10 hours a day, it simply isn't the time to add a dog to the mix. One day I'll have a pup, though — because I was actually a dog person first.

My family had a dog named Sammy. I loved dogs and was the go-to person in the neighborhood for dog-sitting and helping with walks. I barely had any interaction with cats back then. In fact, one of the only instances I can remember is when I was petting a stray cat outside my grandmother's house in Toronto when I was probably 10 or 11. It hissed and scratched my hand—I even bled a bit, though it was nothing serious. See? Even I had feline trust issues.

Fast-forward to college, when after observing my friend's chiller of a cat, I started thinking how fun it would be to have a little kitty companion of my own. Not long after that, one day my now-fiancé told me he wanted to go for a drive and to my surprise we pulled up to an animal shelter. A few hours and many freak-outs later, Chandler came into my life — and so marked day one of my cat-mom journey.

I learned fast how to be a cat person because Chandler was really sick when I first got him. He wouldn't eat, weighed only one pound, and I had to feed him with a syringe. I had no idea how cats worked — their mannerisms, temperament, or even how to hold them. We got through it, and I instantly fell in love. That was six years ago. Since then we've lived in two different states, three different apartments, and have shared 25+ cross-country flights — let's just say we've been through a lot together. So, yes, I love my cat, but I still can't wait to get a dog.