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8 Things You Can Only Understand If You Have Roomates

Because sometimes the more isn't merrier.

8 Things You Can Only Understand If You Have Roomates

Whether you've all been best friends since college or you got together because of a Craig's List ad, there are some woes involved if a handful of people share a space together. Personalities clash, chore wheels get ignored, food gets stolen, and you have to deal with socializing at all hours of the day. But even with their bad traits, chances are you still love your house pals...regardless if they never ever pick up their laundry. Below are the eight woes of having a lot of roommates and we know you feel the struggle. 

1. All Your Couches and Chairs Become Communal Hangers

There’s too many of you to keep things neat, so every couch and chair becomes a makeshift closet or hanger. You’ve got coats draped on arm rests, purses piled on dining room chairs, and every type of Saturday night top and dress discarded and forgotten on tables or end tables. It gives your home this chic, hoarder’s vibe.


2. One Of You Will Always Start WWIII Over Dishes

You’d love to cook – would love to see what a home cooked meal would feel like – but it’s just not worth it. If you do it you’ll inspire the whole house to give it a go, and one of you will always leave those pots and pans stacked till next week Wednesday, throwing the house into a war of passive aggressive notes and a game of Tetris when it comes to how much you can stack in the full sink. In the end, either someone will threaten to move out or a screaming match will end the war. Either way, hella uncomfortable.


3. Someone Will Eat Your Food And It Will Give You Blood Lust

You know that fancy brick of cheese that you splurged on at Whole Foods? Or how about that lemon tart pie you wanted to get as a treat? Well, it’s gone. It’s gone and there are only crumbs left – just enough of them to give you rage. Heads will roll tonight, you can promise them that.


4. You’ll Be Made To Feel Incredibly Guilty When One Of Them Cleans

Say one of them got the whim to tidy up or dust a few surfaces. They’ll put on this whole “I’m not your mother” show, and try to get you to join in and help. Listen, just because it’s the right time for you to Pledge the coffee table doesn’t mean it’s the right time for me. During those passive aggressive moments of Windexing the TV while you watch it, you’ll imagine how it must feel to live alone. Probably a lot like bliss.


5. There Will Sometimes Be A Parade Of Strangers


Whether it’s during a week night when they bring a date home to hang out and you need to leave the living room, or during the morning when you have to talk about the weather over your bowl of Cheerios, there will be moments where it’ll feel like your house is a bed and breakfast. At least your small talk skills will improve, right?


6. The Bathroom Is The Seventh Level Of Hell

Talk about a hoarder’s nest. You’ve got more bottles and products on your counters and sills than CVS and makeup is pretty much overflowing from drawers and falling off of shelves. That is, when you actually get a chance to get in there. With multiple roommates, you either have to wake up before the sun or come in an hour late to work to grab a shower in the morning. Smear on that war paint girl, because game on.


7. One Of You Will Always Be Making Interventions

Whether it’s because you never clean the kitchen, have been hanging out with your ex again, have been coming home at four in the morning way too often, or staying in for far too long, there will always be an intervention of some kind. You know it’s probably for the best, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to pack up your bags and pay three times the rent to live alone.


8. You’ll Fall Into Distinct Personalities

One of you is the partier that always has a bottle of tequila stashed in her closet, the other one is the neat freak that is constantly Clorox-ing the kitchen counters. Another one of you is the speed dater, who’s always walking in her heels on the hardwood floor, and the other one is the party mom, who you can barely convince off of the couch on a Friday night. When a bunch of you live together your strongest personality traits start coming out, and you kind of morph into clichés. But even though you’re all radically different, you still sort of kind of definitely love each other.

Most of the time.