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7 Things That Are True if You Have a Liberal Arts Degree

Because sometimes there are more stereotypes to juggle than necessary.

7 Things That Are True if You Have a Liberal Arts Degree

There are certain things that the one with the liberal arts degree of the group can only understand. While the rest of the friend group is meeting at password-only bars and ordering oysters with wine flights, we're stuck sitting at home, trying to decide if eating Ramen for a week is worth meeting the squad up for a Friday night. We might not be the richest in the group, we might have some stereotypes we need to muscle our way past, but we do have the conviction to believe it's all worth it. Below are the seven things the liberal arts degree of the group can only understand:

1. Not Every Night Can Be A Night Out In Vegas

7 Things That Are True if You Have a Liberal Arts Degree

Your financial planning and therapist friends throw money like confetti; meanwhile you’re the one ordering an appetizer of collared greens, pretending that could pass as a dinner entrée.

That’s exactly why when you hear the words “group dinner” you feign some approaching deadline you have to finish and instead meet the group up after the budget massacre happens. You’re not about to go halvesies over that bougie tartar you know no one’s even going to touch, and the thought of ordering a $60 bottle of wine makes you physically ill. Especially since you can find a perfectly good one for $4 at the drugstore down the block.

I mean, that’s just you being economical.


2. Juggling A Second Job Is Perfectly Doable

So you have to go waitress and deal with wiping up wing sauce off of bar tables after your nine-to-five. That ain’t no thing. You’re happy to do it if it means paying your rent on time.

It’s not like you need a full six hours of sleep anyway; you’ve trained your body by now to just live off of cat naps and Gilmore Girls amounts of coffee. So please, stop with the pitying frowns. We’ve got this.


3. We Don’t Need A “Back Up Plan.” Stop Freaking Us Out

Your 401k contributing friends are slightly worried about you still being a temp. Granted, it’s not what you wanted to be when you were in second grade and dreaming big, but your side project is gathering steam and you just need a couple more months and late nights to get it off of the ground.

Just let us flounder for a little bit longer; we know what we’re about. Granted we might be working as the bagger at Trader Joe’s on a Wednesday, but that’s not going to last forever.


4. Biting Your Tongue When Someone Says Your Job Is “Easy”

7 Things That Are True if You Have a Liberal Arts Degree

“Oh you write? Man, I wish I could be paid to write in my journal all day.” Or “That’s so cool you’re an artist. I’d love to have a four hour work day.”

Where’s my dueling glove, because I’m about to slap you across the face. Have you ever had a night where you only got one hour of sleep because of deadlines? Because I have. Or how about a week where you didn’t leave your apartment because you were so in the zone and didn’t want to derail the genius you know was only on rent. Being in a creative field doesn’t equal finger painting and doodling in margins. It’s serious, hard work.

We got it in college from the bio-chem and political science majors, and now we’re getting it in real life from the accountant and finance kids. Enter heavy sigh here.


5. Being Labeled As The Hipster Of The Group

Alright, fine, so I own a grandpa sweater and a pair of ‘80s mom jeans. But that’s just because I have enough money for the thrift store, and that’s about all they sell. Anyway, I totally pull them off. And yes, coffee is my life blood and I may or may not ride a bike everywhere, but that’s just so I have enough money to buy those ridiculously expensive appetizers you’re so fond of. Just because I don’t wear polos and Calvin Klein perfume doesn’t mean I’m a hipster. So take it back, or else I’ll call you a bro. Do you really wanna tango?


6. Getting The “Oh, That’s Cool” Reaction

7 Things That Are True if You Have a Liberal Arts Degree

When you answer the dinner-party-favorite of “What do you do?,” the reaction that usually follows is an absent smile with the generic “Oh, that’s cool.” Every time it happens you’re reminded of Aunt Denise at Thanksgiving, asking you if you really think you’ll get a job with that kind of degree. And you know in that moment they’re imagining you either in A) your mom’s basement, eating her meatloaf or B) renting out an outer-city apartment with three other roommates. No respect man, no respect.

7. You’re Tired Of Being Labeled As The Dreamer

Just because the cubicle farm isn’t for you doesn’t mean you’re this lofty pie in the sky romantic. You’re not about to trade your rent money for magic beans, and you don’t think you’ve seen a golden goose at the park while jogging last night. You have your head set straight on your shoulders. It’s just that your dream takes a little more work than submitting a resume. But the thing is, you’re not scared of a little bit of struggle. You’ll make it work, and only because you’ve sweated over it. Not because you dreamed about it. These aren’t flights of fancy, people. They’re goals.