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The Best Moments From The Oscars, As Told By Memes

Because sometimes the internet can be pure gold.

Some Of The Best Moments From The 2019 Academy Awards, As Told By Memes

The 2019 Academy Awards have come and gone, but at least we've been left with some pretty memorable moments. The Oscars were notably more diverse this year, with three of the four best acting winners being people of color, Alfonso Cuarón winning Best Director, and Ruth E. Carter and Hannah Beachler being the first African-American winners of Best Costume and Best Production Design, respectively. Other moments included Spike Lee finally winning an Oscar, Olivia Coleman's acceptance speech, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's odd yet palpable chemistry, and the slew of presenters that compensated for the lack of host. Oh, and Green Book won best picture, which people (specifically Spike Lee) didn't seem too happy about. 

But if there is one thing we love more than these Oscar moments, it's all the memes that came as a result of them. Come with us as we relive the best moments from the 2019 Academy Awards, as told by memes. 

Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper's Performance Of "Shallow" 

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed "Shallow" from A Star Is Born and the world caught ablaze. First of all, seeing them perform live was pretty epic, but it was the tender moments at the end of the performance that really ingrained this moment into our minds for years to come.

Jason Momoa's Scrunchie 

Jason Momoa is amazing. Lisa Bonet is amazing. But Jason Momoa's scrunchie had them both beat. 

Spike Lee Finally Wins An Oscar

Spike Lee finally won an Oscar, and he literally jumped into Samuel L. Jackson's arms when he went to the stage to accept his statuette. Side note: Lee gave Jackson his first acting role. *heart melts*

Olivia Colman Wins Best Actress

Olivia Colman won Best Actress for The Favourite and delivered one of the best Oscar acceptance speeches we've heard in a long time. Colman was genuine, humble, and hilarious, and may just be our new *favourite* actress. Also, her co-star Emma Stone was the proud best friend we all need in our lives. 

Emma Stone's Outfit

Since we're on the topic of Emma Stone...

Wayne And Garth Make Their Return

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reunited to present Bohemian Rhapsody as a Best Picture nominee, and even exchanged some of their famous Wayne and Garth lines. For all of you who don't know, Wayne's World features an epic scene where Wayne and Garth rock out to the Queen song "Bohemian Rhapsody" while driving in their car, which some people think was far superior to this year's nominated flick.

Green Book Wins Best Picture

Green Book won best picture and people were upset. Spike Lee was especially upset, as he reportedly threw his hands in the air and tried to exit the auditorium early, only to be sent back to his seat until the speeches were complete. Rough. Now, back to the memes. 

Chris Evans' Gentlemanly Behavior

Since we want to end these moments on a positive note, let's talk about how Chris Evans helped Regina King to the stage as she went to accept the award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Was his chivalrous action earth-shattering? No. But it did us help restore our faith in the world? Yes, just a little bit. At the very least, Evans just scored himself some major brownie points. 

Until next year, folks!