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'90s Kids Rejoice — These Mary-Kate And Ashley Movies Are Coming To Hulu

Bring back the glory days.

It's been a long, long time since Mary-Kate and Ashley have graced us with one of their movies. I mean, we get they aren't 12-years-old anymore, but c'mon — could someone throw us a bone? Well, it looks like Hulu has heard our cries because three of the twins' most iconic movies will be hitting the streaming service for your nostalgic viewing pleasure. 

'90s Kids Rejoice — These Mary-Kate And Ashley Movies Are Coming To Hulu
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Starting May 1, you'll be able to watch Billboard Dad (1998), Passport to Paris (1999), and Switching Goals (1999) — aren't you excited? If you don't recall all of these films, here's a little refresher: 

Billboard Dad follows the girls as they attempt to find their dad a date by posting an ad on a billboard (seems legit). In Passport to Paris, the twins are sent to France to spend the summer with their grandfather, but he's too busy to spend time with his granddaughters (annoying), so they're left with his super lame assistant instead. They ditch the dude — because who wouldn't? — and set out to galavant around Paris. Naturally, they meet two French teenage boys who show them the city and give them their first on-screen kisses. Lastly, Switching Goals gives you a classic twins-secretly-switch-places storyline, because what would twins be without one? Mary-Kate plays sporty Sam, and Ashely plays girly girl Emma — two sisters who get placed on two different soccer teams. Unhappy with their teams, they decide to secretly switch places to be where they want. They get caught and are forced to switch back, causing a wholesome dose of chaos that of course works itself out in the end. 

Considering the twins didn't join the cast of Fuller House, you better jump on this opportunity to see the girls on your TV screen.

Now the only question is — when are they going to add Our Lips Are Sealed?

'90s Kids Rejoice — These Mary-Kate And Ashley Movies Are Coming To Hulu