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Jelly Sandals Are Back And I Think I Already Feel A Blister Coming On


Like it or not, the blister-causing rubber sandals of our youth are back. That's right my friends, jelly sandals have somehow made their return to fashion. 

The Melissa Possession jelly torture device sandal comes in eight different colors, ranging from classic clear to opaque, shiny black. And even better, the sandal is vegan-friendly! 

On their website, Melissa took us back to the '90s: "It all began back in the cultural explosion that was taking place at the time. The internet had just come out, rock was leaning towards grunge, and video games seemed so advanced. While the world was transforming, Possession was already winning over hearts around the world." Those were the days. 

The return of these sandals is all well and good, but we're left with a few burning questions: Which age group will be wearing these sandals? Because at 28 years old, lord knows I won't be sporting these puppies on my feet. Also, will they or will they not cause horrific blisters, because I feel like this is something the people need to know before purchasing. Apparently, wearing the sandals with socks is a thing, so we suppose that's a solution. 

The jury is still out on whether or not we're digging this comeback. How about you?