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Why Did Instagram Ban #Curvy?


Instagram recently made waves for banning a single, poignant word from its site: #curvy. The term isn’t searchable on Instagram anymore, which Instagram reps have explained by saying that posts tagged with #curvy were too often pornographic pictures that violated Insta’s community guidelines.

Oddly, much more explicit hashtags such as #clitoris, #dildo, and #bitch are still searchable.

So why ban #curvy?

Well, the upsetting truth about the #curvy ban is that it probably got ousted (while the more vulgar ones are sticking around), because images of curvy women got reported more frequently than ones of thin women. It's a move in a dangerous, and body-negative direction, and the public has responded with (reasonable) displeasure.

This isn’t the first time Instagram has seemingly demonized women who don’t fit into society’s pre-established standard of beauty. Last year, a plus-sized teenager had her bikini selfie removed from Instagram, despite the fact that there are literally millions of bikini pics all over the site. Instagram sent a clear message, then as well as now: pictures of women who dare to show skin while not being thin are obscene, and will be treated as such.

Instagram has also been known to take down pictures of women breastfeeding, with stretch marks, or who have menstrual blood on them.

Some people are fighting back, though. Women, many of whom are plus sized, have taken to Instagram and are posting bikini pictures with the new hasthag #curvee. They’re showing the ‘gram that they will not be silenced, and I’m so into it.

Check out these amazing #curvee body positive pictures:

Natasha Devon sums up so much about what I believe about body positivity and why I'm a body positive advocate in her article in #huffpost #uk titled "Let's Stop Disguising Body Image Prejudice as 'Concern for Wellbeing'" .... "As a body image campaigner, I've only ever wanted people to be healthy and happy. Crucially, I understand that health is a precarious balance between the mental and physical variety and that anyone sticking to a completely rigid regime of food and exercise is neglecting the former. I also understand that bodies are diverse organisms and that humans can live a healthy lifestyle and exist within the confines of huge variety of shapes and sizes. I understand that body image insecurity stops people partaking in physical activity, from concentrating in school, from going for the job they really want or dating the person their heart desires. It stops us functioning, as a nation. Fat shaming rhetoric does not help our collective mind-set and, despite what we are so often told, it will not improve our health. So, here's my advice: Live a healthy lifestyle, in a flexible way. Laugh and love (because both giggling and shagging are fantastic for the abdominal muscles), exercise sometimes, eat a rainbow. Then see how your body ends up. Whatever it looks like, that is the body you are supposed to have and it is your right to celebrate it how you see fit. Owning your body is the healthiest thing of all." We live in a world where people have stopped truly experiencing how amazing life is! I believe that is so much because of the fact that we are to insecure to do the things we really want to do. STOP IT!!!!! please stop holding back! You deserve more! And we deserve to live in a world where you have a smile on your face and your amazing spirit is no longer quieted! Love deeply, laugh often, go on adventures, try new food, eat, walk, run, play, smile, swim, see. Stop being ruled by the worlds lack of imagination when it comes to beauty and smack it in the face with yours!!!!!! Be fierce, sexy, alive, empowered, opinionated, passionate, curious and free!!! I love you all! #pizzasisters4lyfe #fierce #sexy #effyourbeautystandards #honormycurves #selflove

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