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12 of the Highest-Rated Dog Supplies on Amazon That Are Perfect for Your Furry BFF

Your dog will thank you.

12 of the Highest-Rated Dog Supplies on Amazon That Are Perfect for Your Furry BFF

Crazy dog moms unite! Just when you think you have every item known to man for your four-legged friend, something else comes along that quickly becomes a must-have for your furry BFF. From special treats to cool leashes, here are the top user-rated products that all dog lovers should get their paws on.

Waveland Paws Meaty Sticks


Nutritious AND delicious. These 100% organic treats are made in the USA and are grain and gluten-free. $21.99

*5 stars with 159 reviews

SumgottUS Retractable Dog Leash with Collar


Walk your furry BFF with ease thanks to this 16.5' retractable leash that has a one- button brake and lock safety system. The package also comes with a collar, so you'll have all you need for those nice afternoon jaunts. $10.99 on sale

*5 stars on Amazon with 136 reviews

Lots of Woof Chicken Jerky Treats


Humans love jerky and so do dogs. This chicken jerky is 100% meat and makes for a yummy and healthy snack. $22.95

*5 stars on Amazon with 123 reviews

Riddick's Hands Free Leash


If you have two dogs, this hands free leash might be your new best friend. The leash comfortably attaches to your waist and has two handles so you can remain in control of your pets while out for a stroll. This model comes in a one and two-dog variety. $28.99

*5 stars and 120 reviews

WAG Met Dog Seat Cover


You love your dog but you probably don't love all the dog hair that accumulates in your car. To combat that, this machine-washable mat is easy to install and fits in most vehicles, even trucks and SUVs. $19.95

*5 stars on Amazon with 109 reviews

GREENIES Original TEENIE Dog Dental Chews Dog Treats


Give you dog treats that taste great AND cleans their teeth. These treats contain tons of vitamins and minerals and help keep your pup's mouth fresh and teeth healthy. $30.59 (sizes and prices vary)

*5 stars on Amazon with 5,767 reviews

Little Buddy Pet Stain and Odor Remover



Accidents happen to the best of our pups and luckily when they do, this pet stain and odor remover will do the trick to make cleanup quick and easy. The product is made in the USA and completely animal safe. $19.99

*5 star on Amazon with 84 reviews

Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed


Do you feel like you can never find beds big enough for your XL pup? Well, the Big Barker is just what you need, as it comes in Large, Extra Large, and even Giant (which is 60x48x7 inches). The beds are specially calibrated for big dogs and come with a 10-year guarantee. $239.95

*5 stars on Amazon with 2,599 reviews

Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors


This complete grooming set comes with two pair of scissors — one for trimming body fur, and the other with micro-serrated blades for your pet's face and paws. There are also rounded tips for safety, which is important for everyone's safety. $19.97

*5 stars on Amazon with 1,630 reviews

Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash


If your dog isn't the best on walks, this handy leash might be the answer you're looking for. It has two handles — one at the end of the 6' leash, and the other 1' from the clip in order to maintain better control of your pup. $15.99

*5 stars on Amazon with 871 reviews

Pupkiss Pets All-in-One Natural Dog Shampoo


This natural pet shampoo (for dogs and cats!) smells great and will leave your dog looking and feeling great. It's derived from coconut and palm oils, with oatmeal and aloe extract too, and is great for furry friends with sensitive skin. $17.49

*5 stars on Amazon with 50 reviews

Personalized Dog Collar


Wouldn't your dog look fabulous in a customized collar? You can include the dog's name and your phone number (plus any other important info) on it, which makes for a practical and stylish collar.  $14.95

*5 stars on Amazon with 2,179 reviews

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