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Coachella Manicure Ideas: YSL's Tie-Dye Nail Polish

Coachella Manicure Ideas: YSL's Tie-Dye Nail Polish
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Whether you're headed to Coachella tomorrow (lucky you!) or attending the festival in spirit — in which case, shameless plug, follow our live coverage of the weekend, here! — YSL's new line of tie-dye top coats is definitely one of the most innovative ways to rock the pattern we've seen yet. (Although, come this weekend, we're sure that's bound to change...)

The La Laque Couture Tie & Dye collection includes four top coats — Cool Coat (a bright coral), Pop Coat (a bold pink), Hip Coat (a pretty purple), and Ice Coat (a vibrant blue) — that, when layered with a color-coordinated base coat, give your nails a cool gradient effect.

How it works? Different top coats are layered inside the bottle (glitter on the bottom, a sheer tint in the center, and a clear gloss on the top), so when you dip the brush in, it deposits an ombre-ish pattern on the wand.

Obsessed? Head over to YSL's website to snatch 'em up for $25 a pop!
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