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5 Things Only Girls With Size 5 Feet Will Understand

The struggle is real.

1. An Adult Size 5 is an Urband Legend

5 Things Only Girls With a Size 5 Foot Will Understand

Have you ever gone to purchase a specific pair of shoes and the store or site actually carried them? Yeah, then you definitely don't wear a size 5! Finding the exact red bottoms you want/need in a size 5 is like finding a leprechaun with a pot of marshmallows at the end of a rainbow - it's just not going to happen!

Oh, and good luck special ordering a size 5, designers only make a certain amount and when they're gone, they're gone. "Is this 7 the smallest size you carry?" "No, it's the smallest size they make!" 

2. When The Display Shoe Is the Only Size 5

5 Things Only Girls With a Size 5 Foot Will Understand

All size 5's know that when the only size 5 is the shoe on display, that shoe is no longer a size 5 because of all the size 8's trying to shove their feet into it. Now all they have is a right shoe that's a size 5 and a left that is a size 6 1/2. 

Dear size 8: You have sufficiently stretched out my only chance of buying the only pair of the shoes I want while your perfectly fitting size 8's are kept safely in the back and conveniently away from all the size 10's. YAY FOR YOU!

3. Sharing Shoes? What's That?

5 Things Only Girls With a Size 5 Foot Will Understand

Yes, we have all heard of the mythological sharing of the shoes with the best friend but no size 5 has ever seen it happen. Who are we supposed to share our lack of shoes with? A sixth grader wearing those rollerskate sneakers with the wheels that somehow pop out when walking is just too much work?

Yes! Because that's exactly what size 5's are lacking in life - someone to share rollerskates with.

4. One Size Fits All?

5 Things Only Girls With a Size 5 Foot Will Understand

Who was the genius to come up with the "one size fits all" pair of socks? I can guarantee they were not a size 5! How can socks be one size fits all when shoes come in every size? So basically you're telling me my size 5 foot is supposed to sport size 9 socks? I'm not playing soccer, so why do my socks cover my shins?

5. Sometimes, Just Sometimes, We Get Lucky

There is a plus to having size 5 feet: Kids shoes are significantly less expensive. While finding designer heels will always be an issue, our UGGS usually run somewhere around $50 less than adult sizes and kiddie-sized Nikes or Converse Chucks are just as inexpensive.

5 Things Only Girls With a Size 5 Foot Will Understand

And when you find that one pair of designer size 5's that's the only pair left and they are marked down because no normal-sized adult can fit into them - go buy a lotto ticket because you just hit the jackpot! The very last pair, my size, AND a discounted price? JUST YES, SO MUCH YES!!