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This is Not a Joke: A Cat Lands a Major Magazine Cover

Make no mistake, animals are taking over the fashion world.

This is Not a Joke: A Cat Lands a Major Magazine Cover

Move over celebs, models and any other pretty face that usually graces the cover of magazines and front ad campaigns: Cats and dogs are taking over. Think we are fooling you? Here's the proof:

Eva Chen debuted Lucky magazine's spring Special Edition issue last night after the Chanel show. Lagerfeld's kitty, Choupette, is one of three posh pets to be selected for the cover. Although the mock-up isn't fake, the actual issue is not real and will not hit newsstands. (You win this one, April Fools' Day.) [Lucky]

Lagerfeld has also tapped quirky designer Tiffany Cooper to create a fun ready-to-wear and accessories collection featuring—you guessed it—the likeness of Choupette and Karl himself, available at StyleBop on April 4. [Glamour]

Speaking of Choupette, she apparently made a few million bucks last year from her budding modeling career. With a Shu Uemura collaboration, a calender and a cover now under her collar, who knows what's next. Watch out, Kendall Jenner. [Telegraph UK]

The April issue of Vogue features a total of five dogs, and a puppy shares the Porter cover with Karlie Kloss. [Fashionista]

Insta-famous furry friends took over Barney's popular Locked In Barney's series with a fitting change in name: Licked In Barney's. [Via Instagram]

In Other News

We've finally let the news sink in that selfie sticks are banned at Coachella. This is NOT an April Fool's joke. Be sure to plan your style accordingly (neck up). [SHEfinds]

Chanel finally embraces e-commerce and is set to launch in early 2016. The news is likely to be met with great joy from the blogger community that seems to have an endless supply of the popular Boy Bag. For the rest of us, that dream bag we've been saving a decade for can now be bought in the privacy of our own home—where no one can see our anguish over spending a few months rent on an accessory. [WWD]

Missing Marc by Marc Jacobs already? Don't fret. The two designers of the collection have already moved on to producing their own label, Hillier Bartley, out August 2015. [Style.com]