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To Primp: TopCoat Nail Studio

To Primp: TopCoat Nail Studio(Courtesy of TopCoat)Do you love nail art, but are incapable of doing it yourself? Head over to TopCoat Nail Studio, where a team of talented nail artists will whip up an intricate design on your fingertips. This isn’t your standard nail shop; the aesthetic is clean, modern and fresh. Enjoy a mani and chat it up with the ladies of TopCoat – they will be your new best friends! From bridal showers to music festivals, the artists will help you create a personalized design for any occasion.
To Primp: TopCoat Nail Studio                                               (Courtesy of TopCoat)What to wear: The TopCoat ladies stay ahead of the trends and are always dressed to the nines. Whether you’re sporting a crop top or crochet mini skirt, you’ll fit right in – and maybe even share a few fashion tidbits with the clients next to you. This is also a great spot to take a long “lunch,” so feel free to stop by in your business attire free of judgment.

What to bring: This salon does not accept cash, so be sure to bring a valid credit card for payment. Don’t forget your phone to capture some awesome Instagram photos of the final product.

Pro tip: TopCoat has their very own iPhone app, where you can check out new styles and book appointments. To make it even easier, you can link payment through your phone – meaning no more smudged nails.

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