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To Unwind: Mosto

To Unwind: Mosto(Courtesy of Mosto)There’s no better way to say TGIF than a night out at Mosto. This tiny bar packs a punch with their tequila selection and affordable street tacos. The atmosphere is much like the rest of the Mission District – eccentric and lively – definitely a place I like to unwind after a hectic week. The active, energetic crowd sets the tone for a happening evening out.

What to wear: Leave your heavy coat at home; this cozy space gets toasty once the grill is fired up and the place gets packed. Cheers to the weekend in your favorite casual, chic outfit. My go-to is skinny jeans, a cropped moto jacket and a chunky, metallic statement necklace.

What to get: Rock out to your favorite tunes while enjoying a refreshing cocktail.  I like the La Paloma. Chat with friends and chow down on a couple of Al Pastor Tacos. Your taste buds and wallet will be happy you did.

Pro tip: Ask your server for one of the ceiling jars and fill it with a trinket or two. You can pack it with a bottle of nail polish or even your favorite candy – one customer color-coordinated a bag of Skittles into 5 jars.  Once you’re finished, they will kindly place the glass back into its designated spot. Now you can say you left something besides your heart in San Francisco…

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