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Summer Style in the City: San Francisco

Fashion blogger Kate Ogata shows us just how fashionable the Foggy City can be.

Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

This summer, explore five all-American cities with the fashion influencers that call them home. Experience all that San Francisco has to offer with fashion blogger Kate Ogata.  

Comprised of a patchwork of distinct neighborhoods, San Francisco is a big city with a small-town vibe. From Potrero Hill and Noe Valley to Central Waterfront and Outer Sunset, each neighborhood feels like its very own tight-knit community. 

But a strong sense of hometown pride runs deep, and regardless of which neighborhood they reside, the city’s nearly one million dwellers identify themselves first and foremost as San Franciscan. It is this deep sense of pride that unifies the City by the Bay, and sets it apart as a one-of-a-kind, all-American metropolis.    

The poster girl of San Francisco hometown pride is fashion blogger and stylist Kate Ogata. Her blog, The Fancy Pants Report, truly captures the essence of San Francisco style—California casual with a bit of flair and a lot of layers (so that you never catch yourself unprepared for the Foggy City’s unpredictable weather).

Join Ogata on her exclusive city tour of her favorite hangouts, and pay close attention as she shows us how to layer on the San Francisco style.