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The 5 Best TV BFFs from the '90s

Was '90s television the era of great friendship or what?

There was something about the portrayal of friendship on '90s television that just had that certain...je ne sais quoi, wasn't there? Maybe it's because the era was when I came of age myself, or maybe it's because our entire country seems to look back on the 1990s as the last great decade with ever-increasing fervor, and that rose-colored-glasses attitude extends to the decade's television screens.

Whatever the reason, some of TV's best BFFs first graced our television screens during the '90s, and I've hand-picked the 5 TV BFFs I'd still hang with today (if they were, you know, real).

Clarissa and Sam from Clarissa Explains It All

The 5 Best TV BFFs from the 90s

These childhood besties were always there for each other — literally, right there for each other, via a ladder through a window — even after they tried to date that one time. Sam could always be counted on for an optimistic attitude, which is definitely helpful when you're as dramatic as Clarissa about every little thing (this is also called "being a teenager"). Plus, you'd never lose these two in a crowd — do you see how bright their clothes were?!

Will Smith and Jazz from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The 5 Best TV BFFs from the 90s

When Will Smith re-located to the strange and foreign land of Bel-Air, he found himself surrounded by yuppies galore. Luckily, he had his best friend Jazz there to help him get by. Sure, Uncle Phil hated Jazz and routinely threw him out of the mansion, but Jazz kept on coming back — because he was a good friend to Will. Plus, they knew how to get down together. I'd rock out with these guys any day.

Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane from Daria

The 5 Best TV BFFs from the 90s

These two may be cartoons, but that doesn't mean their friendship is any less real. Daria and Jane were each other's port in the storm that was their hellish high school experience. After all, misery loves company. They may have hated nearly everything around them, but at least they had each other — and got each other on like, a primal level. Which resulted in plenty of dry, sarcastic, funny quips for those of us watching at home. Yeah, I like to think I'd fit in nicely with this morose duo.

Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and yes, even Ross from Friends

The 5 Best TV BFFs from the 90s

It's right there in the show name, okay? The Friends gang helped each other through a whole manner of important life moments, though they never seemed to get over that crippling coffee addiction. The theme song of the show was, appropriately, "I'll Be There for You" and they really, really were. So much so that half of them married each other and they almost never let anybody else in (except Mike). But if you're one of them, they've got your back for life.

Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World

The 5 Best TV BFFs from the 90s

Hoo boy, the most infamous duo ever walk the halls of John Adams High. Cory and Shawn were always getting into some mischief, which would make them so much fun to hang with — if you're into hijinks (and who isn't?). Underneath all the goofiness and the pranks and the getting into scrape after scrape after scrape, these two were the best of friends, and you could really see how much they meant to one another. Topanga may have been Cory's one true love, but I think Shawn was his soulmate.

Would you hang with my 90s TV BFF picks? I like to think I've assembled a fun group here, but let me know if you have any other BFFs in mind in the comments. I'll just be here, hanging out, watching Daria re-runs and listening to Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff albums.