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Rent the Runway Launches 'Our Runway,' Featuring Real Women Modeling Dresses

Rent the Runway Launches 'Our Runway,' Featuring Real Women Modeling Dresses

Is this the coolest thing to ever happen to online retail (uh, rental)? If you haven't checked out Rent the Runway yet today, well, definitely take a minute to surf over there during your lunch hour because the web-based dress-and-accessory rental destination just got a major overhaul—and it's pretty revolutionary.

Now, instead of browsing hundreds of dresses on models, Rent the Runway customers can see cocktail dresses, day dresses, and evening gowns as worn by real women! That means, instead of guess-timating what a dress will look like on you after seeing it worn by a 34-24-34 5'10" professional fashion model, you can see what it looks like on someone whose body looks like yours.

"Consumers today are incredibly smart and truly care about seeing what a product looks like on a real woman," says RTR CEO and Co-Founder Jennifer Hyman. "With 'Our Runway,' we are creating a platform for the everyday woman to discover amazing styles that work best for her body, and forming a community that celebrates every woman's special moments. It's empowering to see thousands of photos of diverse women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities feeling self-confident."

Rent the Runway Launches 'Our Runway,' Featuring Real Women Modeling Dresses

Shoppers can now sort dresses using Rent the Runway's "Find Women Like Me" tool—and then narrow down selections based on brand, price, color, and style. Customers will also have the opportunity to comment and ask questions on customer photos—you can ask for, say, more details on the stretchiness of a dress, or how a dress fits, its length, or sleeve style.

"'Our Runway' is like the pay-it-forward of online fashion, allowing our users to share their discovery of a brilliant cut for curves, a waist-narrowing seam, or a neckline that draws all eyes up," says RTR President and Co-Founder Jenny Fleiss. "Looking back on every major moment in a woman's life, she can always recall what she was wearing. We are using real customers to rent clothing, something that many retail brands would consider a risk, because we believe there is nothing more powerful than the confidence a woman exudes in a snapshot from her Rent the Runway moment."

Have you checked out Rent the Runway's new 'Our Runway' tool? What do you think of it? Do you think you're more likely or less likely to rent a dress after seeing it on a non-model? Tell us what you think in the comments section, below!
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