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Shaun Robinson Trades Trends for Flattering Classics

Shaun Robinson Trades Trends for Flattering Classics
Shaun Robinson (Getty Images)

Shaun Robinson Trades Trends for Flattering Classics Shaun Robinson, in her all-time favorite red carpet look (Getty)
Any woman over 30 remembers the day she finally dumped her fill-in-the-blank trend pieces—harem pants, bandage dresses, bubble skirts, onesies—in favor of more classic silhouettes to flatter both her maturing figure and state of mind. At the unbelievable age of 49, the ever-radiant Shaun (skincare secrets here) says, when it comes to fashion, fit comes first:

"I'm not keen on trends. I used to be that way, like, well okay if it's "in" then I have to have it. I'm not like that anymore. It just has to fit me and look good and be flattering to my figure. I buy more classics now, so I'm really big on things that last."

Know what else happens after the age of 30? You can stop guessing about what's right for you. Because now, you just know—you learned it from said harem pants back in the day. Shaun says,

I've learned that certain styles look better on me than others, like my neck has to show. I have kind of a long neck and anything that covers it is not going to be flattering on me. Some dresses I've worn have just swallowed me because there's so much material in them, so it has to be a little bit more fitted. If it's got a long train, that's one thing, but if it's got just a lot of gathers and stuff, that won't work for me at all. I've always worn color that kind of pops on me. I like something that accentuates my shoulders. I've been lucky to have some great choices through the years thanks to my stylist. Now, I can look at something instantly and I can tell whether it's going to fit or not, I can tell if it's going to look good. It takes time to figure out what is going to look good on you.

So remember ladies, don't weep when you can't afford the latest 9-inch platforms or electric blue fur sleeves. Your 30- or 40-year-old self will thank you for it.

Cheers to that! Get more exclusive dish from Shaun Robinson here:
Shaun Robinson Trades Trends for Flattering Classics
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