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Weekend Beauty Dare: Go Short With A Faux Bob

Weekend Beauty Dare: Go Short With A Faux Bob
(Source: Valerie Macon/Getty Images North America)In case you're not bold enough to make the drastic jump into bob territory, fake it! A faux bob is a great way to experiment with the hair trend without making the commitment. Whether you have a big date or just want to play with your look, this weekend we're challenging you to have some fun with your strands! Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, breaks down the steps to creating this look. 

Step 1) Begin with slightly curled or blown out hair. Separate hair into two sections and pin the top portion on top of the head.
Step 2) Separate the bottom half of the hair into four vertical,  equal sections. Braid each section of hair into a simple three-strand, French braid (right over center, left over center, etc., adding to both sides as you go). Secure an elastic about 4” from the bottom of each section so there are some ends left. 
Step 3) Tuck the braids up and secure with a pin, leaving the last 4” ends to hang free. Tease the ends and expand hair so it spreads out more naturally.
Step 4) Drop half of the top portion of hair down. Tease the released portion to shorten the length so that it matches the bottom section. Gather and pin hair up so the ends are all roughly the same length.
Step 5) Release the remaining top section of hair so that it falls over the previous layers. Tease and pin the hair so that all the sections are the same length.
Step 6) Finish off with holding hairspray to keep in place!

To watch the pro complete this look, visit Roche's website to see her in action!
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