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Add Shine To Your Tresses With This DIY Champagne Hair Treatment

Add Shine To Your Tresses With This DIY Champagne Hair Treatment(Source: ThinkStock; Art By Tanya Leigh Washington)Other than a savory omelet and a sweet scone, champagne is our number one brunch necessity. But as much as we love a glass or three of bubbly, more often than not after hosting a Sunday-Funday brunch, we're left with half a bottle and a stomach so full we couldn't possibly finish the rest. Instead of letting the tasty drink go to waste, why not put it on beauty duty? Mahisha Dellinger, CEO and Founder of Curls.biz, shares a decadent hair recipe that leaves strands silky, shiny, and healthy using your favorite bubbly.

½ cup of champagne (Dellinger prefers organic champagne)
½ cup of warm distilled water

Mix champagne with distilled water to create hair treatment. To make pouring easier in the shower, funnel mixture back in the bottle. Shampoo and condition hair as usual and rinse hair well. Pour the champagne mixture throughout hair from root to ends. Do not rinse. Dellinger says you can do this champagne rinse up to three times for really dull, porous hair.

The boozy concoction boosts highlights, while the carbonation also plumps strands and encourages extra shine.

So next time you're celebrating on Friday or brunching on Sunday, save a glass of bubbly for your strands. Bottoms up!
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