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Festive Recipes For Each Night of Hanukkah

The best Hanukkah recipes for eight crazy nights.

Night 1: Latkes 

Check out the 'Complete, No-Nonsense, Slightly Neurotic Guide' to making the perfect Hanukkah latkes here, and be sure to serve with apple sauce and sour cream.

Night 2: Noodle Kugel

Noodle kugel is a sweet Jewish holiday side-dish staple and a traditional Hanukkah family favorite. 

Night 3: Peanut Butter Gelt Cookies

This easy recipe incorporates Hanukkah gelt and rich peanut-butter cookies into one festive bite, spin the dreidel at your own risk!

Night 4: Challah French Toast

Barefoot Contessa's challah french toast is the perfect breakfast-for-dinner Hannukah treat. 

Night 5: Blue & Whites

Put a festive twist on the traditional black and white cookies with blue and whites for Hanukkah.

Night 6: Rugelach 

Celebrate Hanukkah with these traditional Jewish crescent cookies, just add your favorite filling.

Night 7: Blueberry Blintzes

Blueberry blintzes are a traditional yet delicious Hanukkah treat, the sweet and creamy cheese filling mixes perfectly with the tart, fruity topping.

Night 8: Matzo Ball Soup

What's any Jewish holiday without a bowl of good ol' fashion matzo ball soup? Celebrate the eighth crazy night of Hanukkah with this traditional recipe.

Happy Hanukkah y'all!!