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Tuesday Tip: Cover the Crop in the Winter

Tuesday Tip:  Cover the Crop in the Winter(Source: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images South America)If you are part of the one percent, and by that we mean the fashionably fearless, the crop top is a trend that could give even the most seasoned risk taker apprehension. Although it goes against practical logic, if styled just right, the crop top in the frigid months doesn't need any hand-holding for the other 99 percent.
First, follow the age-old rule that Carine Roitfeld so masterfully does with her fitted maxi: if you are showing a little more up top, cover the bottom (this works in reverse for those mini-skirt-leg-ladies out there). Some women seem to born with this knowledge (ahem, the French like Carine) while others take a few ruler-to-the-knuckle lessons along the way.  It's OK. That’s what we’re here for.
Second, don a collarless crop jacket that will keep you covered with a hint of skin before the bubbly starts to flow. As inhibitions wane or the thermostat rises to the red zone, let the top of jacket casually fall to the bend of the arms.  

No collarless jacket in the back of your closet? No fear. A bolero, shrug, or large pashmina will also do the trick.  

Tuesday Tip:  Cover the Crop in the Winter
(Source: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images South America)    

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