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Easy Outfit Upgrade: Drape Your Jacket Over Your Shoulders

You'll look like the coolest chick in the room with this easy outerwear styling trick.

Easy Outfit Upgrade: Drape Your Jacket Over Your Shoulders
(Source: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images North America; Craig Barritt/Getty Images North America; Michael Kovac/Getty Images North America)

Looking to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your everyday style, but don't want to venture too far outside your comfort zone? The perfect styling trick might be resting right on your shoulders. You know that trusty jacket you rely on to both warm you up and add a touch of edge to your ensemble? Well, it can be recycled in an uber chic and totally trendy way to take your style status to a whole new level: by draping it over your shoulders.

We know what you're thinking: jackets were meant to be worn on your shoulders, not over them. But when it comes to fashion, rules were meant to be broken, and some of Hollywood's best-dressed ladies have been flaunting this rule for quite some time.

Take Jeannie Mai, style expert and co-host of The Real, for example. When she draped this tweed jacket over a crop top and pencil skirt, she instantly created a classy-meets-cool vibe we couldn't help but crush on.

(Source: Michael Kovac/Getty Images North America)

Draping your jacket over your shoulders may look cool, but it's also highly functional. And we bet Hilary Duff was pretty happy to have this cute camel coat handy while stepping out in the New York City cold.

(Source: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images North America)

Seasoned style stars have been using this styling trick for quite some time, but Willow Shields proves you don't have to be a fashion veteran to pull off the draped jacket look. The star of The Hunger Games series infused her otherwise girly outfit with a touch of edge courtesy of a black leather jacket draped casually over her shoulders.

(Source: Craig Barritt/Getty Images North America)

By now, it's pretty clear we've spotted this genius styling trick worn a number of unique ways, but all these stylish gals' outfits have at least one common denominator: effortless glamour. So many of us think we have to look perfectly polished to make a real style statement, when the opposite is actually true.

And the most effortless (yet insanely powerful) way to achieve this coveted look is to drape a jacket over your shoulders. Whether you choose a leather jacket, a blazer or a wool winter coat doesn't matter—what does is poise and loads of attitude.

Get started with these stylish picks perfect for draping:

Easy Outfit Upgrade: Drape Your Jacket Over Your Shoulders
(Source: Old Navy, MissGuided, T.J. Maxx)

Old Navy Wool-Blend Long Blazer, $59, at Old Navy; Missguided Khloe Premium Waterfall Coat, $133, at missguidedus.comJones New York Signature Faux Leather Perforated Jacket, $50, at tjmaxx.com