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What to Wear: The Friend Fix-Up

What to Wear: The Friend Fix-Up

Socially speaking, there are six words your best friend can utter that will instantly strike fear in your heart. (Besides "you have something in your teeth.") We're talking about "you have to meet my friend."

Okay, maybe 'fear' is a little Howard Hughes. But it's fair to say that a friend fix-up can be even more daunting than a romantic one—after all, you can't win a potential friend over with coquettish eye-batting—you've got to bring your A-game, personality and wardrobe-wise.

Unlike a real date date, in which dressing like you didn't try is crucial, when it comes to a friend date we suggest an outfit that reads light-hearted, upstanding, and thought-out.

Leave it to Reese Witherspoon, she of the league of actresses with whom we can all imagine being friends, to nail the look while on-the-go in Venice Beach. Witherspoon's ensemble sends clear signals: mixing a nouveau-prep leather-paneled jacket with a prim and put-together button down (read: sensible and savvy), a swingy skater skirt (fun to be around), and black ankle boots (confident).

Shop our similar look below, and you-know-who will be asking for your digits in no time.

What to Wear: The Friend Fix-Up
(From Left: Faux Leather Quilted Shoulder Jacket, $159 at Ann Taylor; Aqua New Circle Skirt, $68 at Bloomingdale's)
What to Wear: The Friend Fix-Up

(From Left: Steffen Schraut Avenue Fashion Blouse, $175 at StyleBop; Sleek Bootie, $395 at Rebecca Taylor)
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