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One Piece, Four Ways: White Button-Down

We're breathing new life into this wardrobe staple and styling it with under-$100 pieces to fit any style personality.

(Source: Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)
(Source: Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

It's our continuous goal to help you, our readers, hone in on your personal style and discover ways to have fun with it. We show you what to wear for specific occasions, how to get the look of some of our style crushes and offer easy outfit upgrades that make the most of your wardrobe.

Recently we took our styling know-how one step further by launching a video series to take closet staples such as a little black dress and boyfriend jeans and show you how to achieve four different looks depending on what persona you are aiming for: Boho, Glam, Downtown or Classic.

In the third iteration of our One Piece, Four Ways video series, we show you how to take a simple white button-down—which we are positive you own—and style it in four completely different, stylish ways. Not to mention, every item featured is under $100. We always have your back when it comes to looking great on a budget.

Check out the video, get inspired, then shop all the affordable, chic clothing when you're done.