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The Title Field on Harrods' Contact Form is Absurd and Amazing

The Title Field on Harrods' Contact Form is Absurd and Amazing

For the better half of this morning, I've been poking around the web, trying to figure out where I can get this Givenchy bag I really want this season—and maybe save a few hundred bucks by ordering it from Europe (FarFetch.com, LuisaViaRoma, and Antonioli are my usual go-tos, but they're all sold out).

Sometimes when you order things from overseas, the retailer will, in the process, deduct the VAT (Value Added Tax—which can run as high as 22 percent!) from the price. So, long story short, I found the handbag at Harrods and wanted to email customer service to see if deducting VAT is something Harrods does.

BEHOLD: The Title field on Harrods' customer service contact form, above, that made me LOL, OL, for real.

Instead of the usual Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, and Dr., Harrods features 41 different titles! Here they are, in the order they appear on the form:

- Princess
- Sir
- Viscount
- Viscountess
- The Honourable
- The Right Honourable
- Wing Commander
- Professor
- Reverend
- Sheikh
- Madam
- Mademoiselle
- Major
- Monsieur
- Prince
- Lieutenant Commander
- Lieutendant
- His Royal Highness (I want to know which HRH is using Harrods' online e-mail contact form)
- Judge
- Countess
- Dame
- Doctor
- Earl

Here are a cluster of the boring, normal ones: Mrs, Mr, Miss, Ms

- Master
- Baron
- Baroness
- Begum
- Brigadier
- Captain
- Colonel
- Commander
- Count
- Her Royal Highness (This one's for you, Queen Elizabeth II)
- Lady
- Lieutenant Colonel
- Lord

Out of all these, which one is your favorite? I think I might send my query as a Viscountess. Or maybe a Brigadier? I'm also quite fond of the title Wing Commander.
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