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The Unibrow Discrimination Project [VIDEO]

The Unibrow Discrimination Project [VIDEO]
Mark Rober with a fake unibrow.

The Unibrow Discrimination Project [VIDEO]NASA engineer—yes, he works with spaceships!—Mark Rober has a hairy secret. He's "always been blessed with an abundance of hair follicles in the brow region," as he put it—in other words, the now-totally-cute Rober grew up sporting a dreaded unibrow.

In his teens, he discovered tweezers—and this is what he looks like now, right, with two separate and distinct eyebrows.

But Rober had a hypothesis that unibrows were more than just a matter of having too much adjacent hair above your eyes—he believes that people without unibrows get treated better by the general population. So what do engineers do when they have a hypothesis? They test it out. Here's what happened:
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