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Why Rachel Bilson Is No.83

Celebs at Milan Fashion Week
Rachel Bilson in a leggy outfit as she attends a fashion show during Milan Fashion Week. (Pacific Coast News)more pics » Why Rachel Bilson Is No.83 Rachel Bilson (Pacific Coast News) Rachel Bilson recently made AskMen's list of the most desirable women in the world.

AskMen.com's annual list of the Top 99 Women was published Tuesday, Feb. 1, and includes some of the hottest actresses, models and musicians working today. Blake Lively topped the 2011 list. She had a big 2010 with her hit show Gossip Girl and a critically-acclaimed performance in The Town. Check out AskMen.com's full list of the 99 Most Desirable Women here.

Here's what the magazine had to say about the sexy actress:
Waiting for Forever is the name of Rachel Bilson’s new movie, but it also describes her career arc since The O.C. made her a sex symbol for the emo set. Despite major roles in The Last Kiss and Jumper, Bilson has failed to parlay her small screen success into a legitimate movie career and is still waiting for that one role that will catapult her beyond the tabloids and fashion blogs that have come to define her career. Her new film about childhood friends who reunite later in life looks to capitalize on Bilson’s natural likability (the camera really, really loves this girl), while recapturing some of the magic that made Summer Roberts so darn crushable. If not, we’re sure there’s room in former-teen-sex-symbol purgatory alongside Shannen Doherty, who’s currently filming the TV movie Witchslayer. On second thought...
  • Rachel Bilson in Celebs at Milan Fashion Week
  • Rachel Bilson in Celebs at Milan Fashion Week
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