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Sips and Tips: Sunny Citrus Sunshine and The Tropical Slice Mani

This sunny tea cocktail and mani combo will make you wish it was summertime.

Visible Interest High Roads Ring, $150; and Bound Ring in Gold, $345, at visibleinterest.com
Visible Interest High Roads Ring, $150; and Bound Ring in Gold, $345, at visibleinterest.com
(Source: Dana Burke/StyleBistro)

We here at StyleBistro are big proponents of enjoying the little things in life—from a tasty treat to a fresh manicure. So we decided to pair two of our favorite indulgences for a series we're calling Sips and Tips. In these deliciously fun articles, we'll share with you a recipe for one of our favorite drinks of the moment, as well as a manicure inspired by the beverage of choice. Think of it as just another way to incorporate personal style into every aspect of your life.

If you're like us over here on the East Coast, you're likely to see some snow in the next few days. To combat those winter blues, we're cooking up something warm and toasty from David's Tea. This special cocktail, Sunny Citrus Sunshine, contains a Sunny Citrus—a zesty David's Tea creation—and is perfect for pretending it's sunny and 80 outside. Paired with a custom tropical slice mani from Gina Edwards and KISS nails and a cheerful mug, this combo is sure to brighten your day.

David's Tea The Perfect Tea Mug Citrus Slices, $20, at davidstea.com
David's Tea The Perfect Tea Mug Citrus Slices, $20, at davidstea.com
(Source: Dana Burke/StyleBistro)

The Sip: The Sunny Citrus Sunshine Tea Cocktail

Three spoons of Sunny Citrus tea 
Half a cup of boiling water
Two tablespoons of sugar or half a tablespoon of agave
Two ounces of vodka
Two ounces of sparkling water
Juice from half a lime


Steep the three spoons of tea in the half cup boiling water. Strain and let cool. In a tumbler with plenty of ice, add the vodka, cooled Sunny Citrus, sparkling water and lime juice. Stir or shake to combine and enjoy!

The Tip: The Tropical Slice Mani


Pearls from KISS Salon Secrets Luxe Accents 

Thin and flat brushes for painting from the KISS Salon Secrets Kit

KISS Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit in Gala (white) and Masquerade (green) hues

KISS 100 Count Active Oval Nails

KISS Design Perfection Nail Design Guides

KISS Jet Dry Quick Drying Topcoat

White nail polish

Orange nail polish

Nail buffer

Sips and Tips: Sunny Citrus Sunshine and The Tropical Slice Mani
(Source: Dana Burke/StyleBistro; art by Tanya Leigh Washington)


To prep, file and buff natural nail. Apply the KISS Active Oval nails to each nail. Use glue provided with the kit to adhere nails. File the nails down to a desired size and shape. For this manicure, we chose an almond shape. Paint all ten nails with two coats of white nail polish. Let dry. Create small half-moon shapes on your preferred side of the nail using the Design Perfection guides and the Nail Artist Paint in Masquerade. Make sure all half moons are facing the same direction. Leave one nail on each hand free as the accent nail. Use the thin detailer brush found in the Salon Secrets Kit to dip into the orange polish and paint three teardrops on the accent nail. Make sure the teardrops are facing the same direction as the side half-moon details. Once the orange teardrops are dry, take the Nail Artist Paint in Gala and create smaller teardrops inside the orange. Apply Jet Dry Quick Drying Topcoat over the teardrops. Take the silicone stick from the Salon Secrets Kit to pick up pearl accents and place atop the white interior teardrops. Seal the whole nail with topcoat.

Sips and Tips: Sunny Citrus Sunshine and Tropical Slice Mani
(Source: Dana Burke/StyleBistro)

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