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Sips and Tips: Poinsettia Punch and The Gradient Mani

Deck the halls and your tips with this festive punch and manicure combo.

Sips and Tips: Poinsettia Punch and The Gradient Mani
(Source: Dana Burke/StyleBistro)

We here at StyleBistro are big proponents of enjoying the little things in life—from a tasty treat to a fresh manicure. So we decided to pair two of our favorite indulgences for a new series we're calling Sips and Tips. In these deliciously fun articles, we'll share with you a recipe for one of our favorite drinks of the moment, as well as a manicure inspired by the beverage of choice. Think of it as just another way to incorporate personal style into every aspect of your life.

Get ready to spread some holiday cheer with our latest drink and mani combo for Sips and Tips. This Poinsettia Punch is just about as festive and flavorful as you can get. Fit for any soirée, this champagne-based punch is bubbly and effervescent. To match the tasty treat, we called in Morgan Taylor nail artist Danielle Candido to create a sparkly gradient mani.

Sips and Tips: Poinsettia Punch and The Gradient Mani
(Source: Dana Burke/StyleBistro)

The Sip: Poinsettia Punch


One bottle Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label, chilled
Three cups cranberry-apple juice, chilled
One quarter cup thawed white grape juice concentrate
One quarter cup orange liqueur


Chill the champagne and juice in the refrigerator before the party. Mix together all ingredients in a two-quart pitcher right before serving.

The Tip: The Gradient Manicure


Cosmetic sponge
Base coat
Top Coat
Morgan Taylor Snow Place Like Home ($9)
Morgan Taylor Must Have Mauve ($9)
Morgan Taylor My Kind of Ball Gown ($6)
Morgan Taylor Adorned in Diamonds ($9)

Sips and Tips: Poinsettia Punch and The Gradient Mani
Tanya Leigh Washington

Apply a base coat. Next, apply one coat of Adorned in Diamonds on all nails. Cut the tip off a cosmetic sponge and use short end to create the gradient. Paint the colors darkest to lightest (Must Have Mauve, My Kind of Ball Gown and Snow Place Like Home) on the tip of the cosmetic sponge to get the desired ombrè look. Colors can overlap. Dab excess color onto a tray or paper plate. Dab the sponge onto the nail carefully. Reapply color onto the sponge for each nail. When finished with one hand, cut off the tip of the used cosmetic sponge prior to moving on to the next hand. Once all nails have the gradient applied, take Adorned in Diamonds and paint onto a fresh sponge. Start at the bottom of the nail and apply up in a crescent shape to blend the colors. Finish with a coat of Adorned in Diamonds followed by a heavier coat of top coat.

Sips and Tips: Poinsettia Punch and The Gradient Mani

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