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MINDBLOWING: Heidi Klum Gangnam Styles with Psy

MINDBLOWING: Heidi Klum Gangnam Styles with Psy
(Photos by Getty; YouTube)

Just when we thought we had finally reached our Gangnam Style saturation point—we, no joke, witnessed a 65-year-old woman doing the dance at an engagement party last weekend!—this video of Heidi Klum hit the Interwebz.

It's a clip of the supe doing the Gangnam Style dance—clad head-to-toe in Psy's signature pale-blue piped uniform—with the Korean pop star sensation. Apparently this epic piece of amazingness ran during the MTV EMAs. (Did anyone watch it? Any fans out there across the pond, perhaps?)

Anywho, happy Friday!

PS - Only bits and pieces of the full-length dance have gone viral on YouTube so far. If you want to watch the video its entirety—which you most certainly do!—check it out on the German MTV website, here. Enjoy!

Are you obsessed with Gangnam Style? Can you do the dance? Also does this make you love Heidi Klum even more, if that's even possible? Spill in the comments section, below!
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