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'The Guardian' is Launching a Fashion Blogger Network

'The Guardian' is Launching a Fashion Blogger Network

Typically the provenance of digital ad companies and internet-ambitious print media, fashion blogger networks have, over the past four or five yeas, become a popular tool for brands looking for a quick way to expand their online presences without assuming a staffing burden. In exchange for reach—media companies and publications such as Glamour and Lucky, for example, have tremendous influence and a huge audience—publications license independent fashion bloggers' content on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, usually for free.

Today, The Guardian announced the launch of its fashion blogger network—to our knowledge, the first broadsheet newspaper to do so. A post on The Guardian's website says it's looking for bloggers who specialize in the following (it's a pretty broad list and covers pretty much every facet of fashion and beauty blogging):

• Style and body image, particularly if you feel your shape is not widely covered in the media.
• Fashion students
• Advice on how to dress well on a budget.
• A guide to high-street fashion.
• The best new beauty buys.
• An expert view of the fashion industry.
• Men's fashion.
• A how-to guide to hairstyles (particularly video tutorials).
• Shoes.
• Street style.
• Bloggers who primarily use pictures or video tutorials are also welcome to submit their work.

But what about compensation? Turns out, The Guardian'snetwork of fashion bloggers won't be paid at the same rate as staffers—but they will earn somemoney.
The bloggers who are already part of the Guardian's network participate in a revenue-sharing scheme, splitting advertising profits from the page for every blog that the Guardian uses. In keeping with our current system, those who join the fashion bloggers network will only be paid through the advertising revenue scheme.
And if you're fans of The Guardian like we are, but don't live in the UK, don't worry—the paper is also taking applications from bloggers in the USA and Australia. Find out how to apply here.

Are you a fashion blogger? Have you participated in a fashion blogger network? What's been your experience? Was it positive or negative? Tell us in the comments section, below.
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