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Grace Coddington Dishes on Bloggers, Balenciaga & Anna Wintour

Grace Coddington Dishes on Bloggers, Balenciaga & Anna Wintour
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Grace Coddington Dishes on Bloggers, Balenciaga & Anna Wintour  Grace Coddington (Getty)
These days, Grace is the word in fashion media. The Vogue Creative Director just starred in the magazine's second documentary, In Vogue: The Editor's Eye and launched a tell-all memoir.

To promote of her recent projects, Grace Coddington sat down for a chat with The Huffington Post, where she dished on everything from the rise of fashion bloggers to Alexander Wang's appointment at Balenciaga to, naturally, her relationship with Anna Wintour. Check out some highlights from the interview, below:

On bloggers and how everyone is a stylist these days: "I have very high standards, so I think it takes more than a cell phone. Bloggers sit in in the front row [at the fashion shows] and all their energy seems to be spent on dressing themselves, which I find a shame."

On the chaos that is now Fashion Week: "I used to find attending the shows so invigorating and exciting, but [now] you have to be there with blinders on. To cut out all the rubbish that's going on around, where the focus seems to be more on the audience than on the clothes that go down the runway. Any old shit can go down the runway and they all sit there and clap."

On Alexander Wang's Balenciaga appointment: "I'm sure Alexander Wang will do really well. He's very well-liked. It's an incredibly difficult thing to take over for Nicolas [Ghesquière] because there are all the old fuddy-duddy people like me digging their heels in. But you've got to embrace it—it's happened."

On how Wang won't actually ever "replace" Nicolas Ghesquière: "Don't think of it as the same house as it was when Nicolas was the creative director; that's everybody's mistake. Don't think of it as a replacement for Nicolas, because it isn't. Alexander has a whole different agenda. He's a very confident young man, he's cute-looking, girls love him, he's an "It" person and he makes very affordable clothes ... but he can only do what he can do. He can't be somebody else, and he certainly can't be Nicolas."

On Ghesquière's future: "He will bide his time and come back. He's too brilliant to just disappear. He's very passionate about what he does."

On how her relationship with Anna Wintour is nothing like marriage—a question she, apparently, gets a lot: "It's boring, it's what everyone asks me. I hope it's not like marriage. I've been married twice and each lasted six months, and this relationship with Anna has lasted 26 years."

Have you read Grace Coddington's new memior, Grace: A Memoir? What do you think about the editor's take on bloggers? Balenciaga? Sound off in the comments below!
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