Livingly Love

There’s nothing in the world more annoying than unfairly being labeled “crazy."
The only thing more romantic than an elopement is a destination elopement.
Put down the ice cream and get inspired by these words of wisdom.
This stuff happens around the holidays.
While we may not be able to rid the world of jerks, we can definitely rid our lives of jerks.
Hint: Showing up in your high school sweatshirt isn't okay.
It's all about the small steps to feeling whole again.
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I have a tendency to blow things out of proportion. Maybe it's because I'm single, but also a hopeless romantic – a dichotomy that seems all but out-of-date in this free-for-all era of belfies on so...
Because who likes a guy that polices what you wear?
Are you on a one-way street to happily ever after or down a windy road towards splitsville?
Because we've all had a whopper in our history.
New love is magic, don't you think?
As much as I hate to admit it, I have a type. That type is, basically, the boy version of me but with, you know, male physical parts. I never really understood the old saying, “Opposites attract.” I...
I’ve learned more about love and loyalty from my dog than from anyone I’ve met.
Because it's hard out here for a single lady sometimes.
Which 'John Tucker Must Die' girlfriend are you – the cheerleader, the promiscuous activist, the student body president, or the nice one?
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Not into the traditional wedding hardware? Have no fear — you've got options.
Just have patience girl, they can’t help it. Love is making their brains mushy.
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