Life Hacks

You're about to hit a serious landmark in your life – you can finally legally rent a car! No but seriously, don't let these things pass you by.
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." -Anais Nin
Maybe our flaws can do more than define or differentiate us; maybe they can guide us into becoming who we want to be.
You big, bad twenty-something, you.
How many of these have you done?
In a bind? Try these DIY lipsticks.
Most people don't stay in the same job forever. In fact, switching careers is quite common. If you're dissatisfied at work, it's time to consider a change of direction. But before you let your boss know you're resigning, check out our go-to career coach's six signs that you should change jobs.
Staying on top of your A-game and working your hardest are extremely important, but stressing and pulling your hair out with anxiety won't help anything. Take that chill pill and reevaluate whether you are furthering your career, or letting your worries hold you back. Here are a few anxieties you should most definitely put on the shelf...for good!
Don't let being laid off keep you from finding a new position and excelling at it! If you're not sure how to move forward, we've got a few ideas...
Talk yourself out of keeping up those bad habits that are only gonna hold you back.
Long gone are the days of passing notes and talking on landlines for hours.
Sometimes inspiration just won't hit. But that doesn't mean you can sit in your pajamas all day.
Be the kind of person you'd want to be friends with.
You just went Facebook official? Sorry, couldn't hear you over the sound of how awesome it is to be single.
Find strength in what sets you apart.
Social anxiety? This is a safe place.
Think of your car as the ultimate handbag with wheels.
Here's how to actually use and experience everything you've been pinning.
This isn't the gimmicky advice you're used to hearing.
"Don't look back – you're not going that way."
These Pinterest fails are so bad that they're good.
Stay focused and organized with a little help from technology.