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I'll Never Be a Morning Person

Forever sleepless: 8 real life struggles of being a chronic night owl.

I'll Never Be a Morning Person

There’s just something about the night. There’s a magic to it, a magnetic allure – this lunar pull that my restless soul can never get enough of. That luminous magic is one of the only things that can soothe an anxious mind. It wanders, loses itself easily beneath the shimmering night sky.

There’s just something about the glamour you can wear about yourself in the midst of the night; something about the nocturnal mindset that dovetails a creative soul and restless mind. You can pull it over your daytime self, a glittering alter-ego; it settles over you then, like some kind of disguise.

The sun dips past the horizon, the waxing moon rises, and it’s as if your sleeping soul is now slowly, finally, awakening and coming back to life. You are once again a creature of the night. 

But it comes as no surprise that living for the magic of the night has a price. And the forever sleepless, strange and mysterious souls, the chronically wide-awake, the creative minds that yawn and rub their eyes and awaken in the middle of the night, know these inescapable struggles better than anyone.

We all agree: Coffee is not just a beverage, it’s a lifeline.

And it tethers us to the cold, hard, cruel world that exists before 11am.

Sometimes I even think it actually tastes better in the shower. (There have to be other people in this world who drink coffee in the shower. There just have to.)

We are chronic toss-and-turners.

Good night’s rest? Ha. I laugh in the face of 8 hours.

...Then again, I never actually feel like a person until at least noon.

I will never be a morning person, for the moon and I, are much too in love.

–Christopher Poindexter

We fell in love with the moon long ago.

Unlike most banal human relationships, you and that mystical lunar pull? That’s something special, something you know you can never replicate with anyone or anything else. It’s got its own kind of magnetism, like Sylvia Plath and her mad girl’s love song.  

We can stay up all night without even trying.

I'll Never Be a Morning Person

Just like we can stay out all night dancing, without ever wanting to go home.

What do you mean, the night’s over? we often find ourselves asking. Already? It can’t be! But it’s less about the party and more about the potential of the night: What could happen next? Far be it for us to want to cut that short.

We eventually had to learn how to function on little to no sleep.

The sunrise and I, we’re old friends. Yet we still have to be productive members of society (right...?)

Chances are, this means you’ve learned how to coexist with your nocturnal lifestyle and insomniac mindset. Sometimes that means your eyes are a little wild and your hair is a fierce bedhead mess. But you make sure to always get your sh*t done and no one can ever say otherwise.

I swear I even function better on less sleep now… But maybe that’s just me.

And yes, we live for the moments of midnight inspiration that make it all worth it.

I'll Never Be a Morning Person

You know that moment just before a storm, when it feels as if the very air itself is crackling as if with electricity? That’s the feeling a writer gets just before inspiration hits. And it’s enough to keep us up all night sometimes.

Because yes, I come to life at night. And because no matter what I do, I’ll never feel as alive, awake, aware, or inspired during daytime hours.


We’ve never really fit in.

I'll Never Be a Morning Person

Chances are, if you’re a true night owl, you’re also an enigma.

You don’t entirely fit in; in fact you don’t really at all.

But that’s okay, because we are all reborn again each night, making it our chance to forget all that doesn’t ultimately matter. This is the time to let go of all the banalities, to lose that daytime armor, to forget the overt normalcy of productive society and your 9-to-5 and the pressing needs of everyday life.

This is your time, now; you’ve always been a child of the moon, a lover of the night, your true identity revealed beneath the sparkling magic of the night sky. And trust me, it’s a love affair that’s not going anywhere.