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Live Your Life More Beautifully in the New Year

We talked to Kristine Fredheim about doing what’s right for us to live a more fulfilling life in the new year.


When it comes to crossing goals off that good old list of resolutions for the New Year, we all know how tough it can be to actually come through on those daunting goals you set on December 31st.

That’s where Kristine Fredheim of Soul Life comes in. A successful writer, spiritual coach and medium, if there’s anyone who knows what it’s like to follow your intuition and fulfill your passions, as well as to help others do so in the process, it’s Kristine.

We were excited to talk to her about tapping into our own intuitions to live our lives more beautifully, starting now and into the new year – as we always try to do here at Livingly.

Practice compassion.

Now more than ever is the time to practice compassion. A little kindness goes a long way, especially in these trying times. So kill ’em with kindness! At the end of the day, you can feel proud for how you carried yourself, even in a conflicting situation.

Trust your intuition.

Tap into your intuition by building up trust in yourself. Strengthen your own inner confidence by doing so.

“Without purpose, we lose confidence to be who we really are, so it’s important to connect with your true self,” Kristine shares with us. “To do so, you must establish trust – you may not be aware of this, but your intuition is always guiding you. Let it lead you toward your truth.”  

The space you surround yourself in reflects who you are.

–Kristine Fredheim

De-clutter your mental, emotional and physical space.

Make room for more good in your life by shedding what isn’t working for you.

“Use your intuition as a guide – ask yourself, what do I keep? What do I throw away?” Kristine tells us. “My advice: just follow what feels right and what doesn’t. When you get rid of that material noisiness, you make space for positive change in your life.”

She also recommends categorizing the items you need to get rid of, and to “save the sentimental items for last, so that you don’t lose motivation by diverting your focus.”

Live Your Life More Beautifully in the New Year
Soul Life

Instead of merely setting unrealistic goals, find a meaningful way to work them into your life.

Achieve your objectives by setting up a foolproof plan to practically accomplish them. Whether it’s taking baby steps in your daily life, or taking huge meaningful bounds, like working toward the career of your dreams or moving somewhere new, consider Kristine’s tips to “work out your mind” when setting intentions and creating resolutions for the new year:

  • Write down your specific goals, so you are one with yourself and your dreams.

  • Make a plan! Again, be specific and realistic about how to reach each one step-by-step. In that plan, be sure to set a deadline for when you want to reach your goal.

  • Talk to yourself and be your own cheerleader. This is highly powerful! I often talk to myself when I’m being doubtful. This helps me get out of my own head. Notice when you think negatively about yourself... pay attention to the thought, but don’t interpret it as the truth. We’ve all failed at some point in our lives, but that doesn’t make us failures. It makes us experienced. It’s all about re-framing – it makes you look at a situation differently.

  • Accept the things you can’t change and make a plan for the better! Being proactive for change and not giving up is the key to success.

Live Your Life More Beautifully in the New Year
Soul Life

Don’t be afraid to do something a little different for a change.

So you feel stuck in a rut; you’re not the only one. Get inspired. Get creative. Most importantly, get out of that comfort zone; it’s nice out here, we swear.

“Many things in our lives can become stagnant, but that doesn’t mean we have to,” Kristine tells us. “When we do things over and over again the same way, we create a habit. This creates a pattern in your brain. When you do something continuously, it’s easier for your brain to continue that pattern because it’s lazy. It doesn’t like to learn new things. That’s also why we like people we see ourselves in, since it’s easier to relate and we don’t need to learn anything new. Our brain gets happy when it sees something it already knows.

You need to invest some time and effort to change your mindset and circumstances – question things! Engage in new activities, meet different people. Sticking to a new lifestyle will eventually breed a new habit and things will get easier.”

Focus on what fulfills you. That’s how you’ll find your peace.

And if you don’t yet know what that something you love is, focus your energy on finding out. Take the time to do what you want to do, for you.

My dear, find what you love and let it kill you.

–Charles Bukowski

Kristine tells us, “Dare to do what you want to do and listen to that intuition of yours! Many people don’t know their passion because they are too busy doing what they think they are supposed to do. It’s important to take the time to do what you want to do without feeling guilty. Listen to your heart and notice when you get excited and really happy over something. Whether it’s talking to a friend or beautiful flowers, just follow that excitement. It will lead you to your passion.” 

So what fires you up? What makes you feel alive? Lose yourself in that – and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot love, or what you can or cannot accomplish. The world needs more movers and shakers, yes, especially when it comes to establishing lasting change. But it also needs more dreamers too; who else is going to come up with all the ideas? Who else is going to have the guts to dream new dreams and pave new paths as they do?

Want to know more about Kristine? Read about how she became a spiritual guide here.