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How to Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

4 foolproof ways to cultivate a positive mentality in your daily life.

How to Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

Cultivating a positive mentality is as simple and as challenging as adopting a change of perspective. But, like any change, the first step in really taking it on is to make it an everyday habit. Because living a positive life isn’t about never having anything negative happen to you. It’s about taking it all in stride, playing up the good that happens in your everyday life instead of the bad, and indulging in habits that are more positive than negative overall.

Not only will you feel more aware and engaged, but cut out the excess, and it’s obvious you’ll live a simpler, happier life. Of course, I’m the first to admit that’s easier said than done. That being said, here are 4 ways to stop getting in your own way – and to maintain that positive mindset. So let the good vibes flow.

Can’t seem to keep up with a gratitude journal? Write down at least one good thing a day.

How to Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

Most of us (or at least, those of us who have been paying attention) have been told to start keeping a gratitude journal by now. But maybe you’re not ready to add yet another thing to your daily to-do list. A simpler step forward would be to start writing down at least one good thing that happens to you each day. Not only will it sharpen your memory, but it will serve as the same kind of gentle reminder.

Cultivate “feel good” rituals.

How to Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

Whatever that might mean to you: It could be something as simplistic as enjoying a glass of wine in the evening after work, or setting up a regular yoga practice – even if it’s just doing a couple sun salutations every morning when you wake up. Personally, I’m a big fan of candlelit yoga classes. The ambiance feels that much more special and relaxing when the room is dipped in drowsy candlelight.

Turn an argument into an enlightenment practice.

How to Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

This one might sound hokey, and of course it’s not always possible, but think of it this way: The more understanding you show, the more you will receive in return.

If, for example, you get into an argument with a friend, try to adopt a different mindset than “you” vs. “them.” The kinder and more understanding your words and attitude toward them, the more likely it is that they will return the favor to you, even in situations that start out badly.

Stop ignoring, skating over, or doubting your happiness.

How to Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

You know those little surges of impromptu happiness that sometimes just come over you – either after someone complimented your hair or dress, or let you go first while driving instead of cutting you off, or held the door open for you? Or even, sometimes, for no reason at all? It’s time to stop ignoring those, and start saying yes to them. Indulge in each minor spike of serotonin for the perfect little moments of humanity that they are.