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9 Things That Need Spring Cleaning Besides Your Closet

It's time to get rid of those toxic friends and that deadbeat dude you've been sorta dating.

When we think of spring cleaning, we usually think of our closets. While cleaning your closets every spring is definitely a good thing, that’s not the only place in your life you need to spring clean. In fact, with the end of winter and the beginning a new season, it’s primetime to clean out and revamp other aspects of your life, too.

Did you just clean out and donate 25 percent of your closet and now you’re reading this wondering what you need to do next? Here are nine things you must clean out, if you want this spring free of things you just don’t need.

1. Your Facebook ‘friends’ whom you actually can’t stand.

9 Things That Need Spring Cleaning Besides Your Closet

I’m pretty sure we all have Facebook friends whom whenever we see one of their statuses we shutter and asked ourselves, “Why do I remain friends with this person? They just wrote that "Donald Trump is a genius and that polyester is the best fabric!" It’s these people whom you need to ditch and ditch stat. Unless of course you’re keeping them around for entertainment purposes, then by all means – I totally support that.

2. Your IRL friends who are toxic and selfish.

When I turned 30, I made the executive decision to rid my life of toxic people. Whether they were fair-weather friends, coworkers who couldn’t be trusted, or people who were only my friends when it was convenient for them, I kicked them all to the curb… slowly but surely. While you can do it on your next birthday, if you want, why wait?! Do it NOW!

3. That deadbeat dude you’ve been kinda, sorta dating.

9 Things That Need Spring Cleaning Besides Your Closet

I feel like this goes without saying, but seriously, it’s the spring; you need to drop that dude now. We all know he’s never going to commit to you.

4. Your entire living space.

Spring deserves spring colors, spring vibes, and switching things up a bit. So get some happy colors to paint your walls, sage out the toxins from the winter, and hang up new photos or paintings that make your living space feel not just homey, but positive, too.

5. Your dead-end job you’ve been meaning to quit.

Although many people take the beginning of the New Year to drop those jobs that they hate, but if you missed that window, then you might as well do it this spring. You want to weed out the things that bring you down and make you feel bad. Nothing can make a person feel miserable quite like a job they hate, especially one without a chance to move up the ladder.

6. Your skin.

9 Things That Need Spring Cleaning Besides Your Closet

Do you know what the winter does to your skin? Wrecks total havoc on it! And I’m not just talking about your complexion, but your head-to-epidermis. So do yourself a favor and get to a spa for a proper facial. You want to spring clean those pores and flush away the dead skin that can cause an ashy look. Springtime is for glowing.

7. The inside of your body.

While I’m not a huge fan of detoxes, I do know many people who think early spring is the best time to flush, flush, flush away all that stuff you’ve been consuming all winter long. And you know all that stuff I’m talking about – pizza, pasta, pizza, pasta, and cupcakes.

8. Any unnecessary drama.  

9 Things That Need Spring Cleaning Besides Your Closet

We all have drama. Whether it’s drama with our family, our friends, our coworkers, our partner, or with our passive aggressive roommate – it happens! But drama is time consuming and a waste of energy. No matter how you do it – maybe by sitting down and having a chat with these people – clean any drama from your life. You don’t need that crap.

9. Your negative past.

I would never tell someone to erase their past, because it’s our past that helps make us who we are in the present. But I do think that if you have a past that you want to forget, because it’s painful, then the spring is the time to do that. Spring cleaning is all about scrubbing out the stuff in your life that you don’t need… no matter what it is.