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8 Reasons The Long Hair Struggle Is So real

It's worth it, but it has its drawbacks.

1. You Dread Haircuts

Long Hair Struggles

And justly so. HOW many times have you said you just want a trim and walked out with half your length clipped? Or perhaps you wanted some sexy bouncy layers a la Candice Swanepoel and wound up looking like a member of an '80s tribute band.

Long Hair Struggles

Best case scenario: You pay 80 bucks for a cut no one notices. Womp womp.

2. Your Hair Is EVERYWHERE

Long Hair Struggles

Stuck to your clothes, in every crack of your car, in your food, layered on the carpet... God help your vacuum cleaner.

3. The Amount You Shed Is Borderline Terrifying

Long Hair Struggles

Take it from me: NEVER brush your hair in the shower. Or without a pound of detangler for that matter. Unless you want to feel like you're taking part in your own personal horror movie.

4. You Avoid Washing Your Hair At All Costs

Long Hair Struggles
Sophie Gamand

"I can't go out, I have to wash my hair," is SO real. It's such a process and takes about a century to dry. How did we manage life before dry shampoo??? Sweet, sweet dry shampoo.

5. "You're On My Hair"

Long Hair Struggles

Every. Time.

6. The Pain of Wearing Your Hair Up

Long Hair Struggles

Buns, ponytails, bobby pins, hair ties — ouch. It ALL hurts.

7. Lip Gloss + Wind

Long Hair Struggles

The two elements are perfectly lovely on their own but turn against you when united.

8. Seriously, WHAT Are You Supposed To Do With It At Night?

Long Hair Struggles

Someone, please explain. I've even searched YouTube for the solution. Put it up? Refer to #6. Leave it down? Hello, sweaty tangled mess. And those tidy braids that seem to work magic for every pajama clad girl on TV haven't worked in my lifetime. How about yours?