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Why It’s OK To Be Lazy And Sometimes Give Yourself A Break

You deserve it.

We leave in a go, go, go society here in the United States. And while certain parts of the country definitely know how to relax better than others, the fact remains that in comparison to the rest of the world, we really don’t know how to take it easy… or when we do relax we feel guilty about it.

I struggle with allowing myself to be lazy. I don’t know the last vacation I went on where I didn’t work and after a couple hours into binge- watching of House of Cards last weekend, I started to freak out that I wasn’t doing anything. So guilt set in, and I ended up working a bit before letting myself get back to my laziness. Yes, the struggle is THAT real.

But being lazy, especially if you bust your ass most of the time, isn’t a bad thing at all. Here are five reasons why it’s totally fine to be a lazy, slovenly, Cheetos-eating, couch potato.

1. Your brain and body need to reboot.

Why It’s OK To Be Lazy And Sometimes Give Yourself A Break

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, when you’re constantly on the go, either with work or socializing, you become exhausted and emotionally drained. Eventually you feel like you’re running on fumes alone and you’re just not sure how you can continue. It’s in these cases that you need to realize you need to slow down, get into your PJs, and let the laziness wash over you. You can’t constantly run at a 100 percent without the occasional reboot.

2. You’ve earned it.

Again, this is one I struggle with, although I know it to be true. If I’ve worked 50 hours a week, I've more than earned that place on the couch for as many hours as I want. Yes, it’s hard for me to totally relax and I have to repeat over and over, “You earned this, you earned this,” but after a couple glasses of wine, I’m rolling in my laziness and loving it. Wine is the best for ultimate relaxation. 

3. Breaks make people more productive.

Why It’s OK To Be Lazy And Sometimes Give Yourself A Break

There’s a reason why there are laws about companies having to provide breaks for their employees who work a certain amount of hours: Because it leads to greater productivity. Granted, most companies don’t provide enough breaks to really take productivity up a notch, but apparently that 15-20 minutes of decompressing does magical things to the body.

4. You’re not a damn robot.

In news that will probably not surprise you at all, you are a human being and human beings are not robots. They need time to sleep, eat, relax, and if they want to, binge watch House of Cards or whatever other show you’re currently obsessing over. While it might be easier if we were all robots, the problem is that just isn’t the case.

5. The TV was invented for a reason.  

Why It’s OK To Be Lazy And Sometimes Give Yourself A Break

While I can’t confirm that the TV was invented so we could all be lazy for hours and hours, I do believe it was invented to at least create some way of letting us suck up time by being useless. But as I said, as long as you’re not useless 24/7 (unless, of course, that works for you), then give yourself a break and allow yourself to feel good about taking that break.