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You're Probably Drinking Your Coffee At The Wrong Time Every Day

Are you making this mistake?

You're Probably Drinking Your Coffee At The Wrong Time Every Day

If having a coffee first thing in the morning is part of your daily routine, then I'm about to share some potentially life-altering news with you. While coffee can certainly be effective in increasing energy levels and brain function, it really all depends on what time of the day you drink it. And I hate to break it to you rise-n-shine coffee drinkers, but early morning is not one of those effective times

It may seem surprising, but having a coffee first thing in the morning actually does more harm than good to your energy levels.

How? Well, we all run on a 24-hour circadian rhythm that determines our eating and sleeping patterns. Part of that circadian rhythm is a hormone you may have heard of before: cortisol. Known as the "stress hormone", cortisol actually comes into play way more often than when you're panicking about that looming deadline. Cortisol makes us feel alert and awake, and it peaks at specific times throughout the day. One of those times is shortly after you wake up, approximately between the hours of 8am - 9am.

So, what does that mean for your morning cup of Jo? A few things actually. First, by drinking coffee during your cortisol peaks, you're actually interfering with your body's natural process by essentially telling it that it doesn't need to do its job. Second, you will develop a much higher tolerance to caffeine since your body will rely on it in reaction to not being able to rely on itself. If you've ever had a cup of coffee and felt like it did absolutely nothing for you, then you certainly can relate.

Instead, it's best to enjoy a coffee when your cortisol levels are at their lowest, that way you can get your energy up when you actually need it. It makes sense, doesn't it? 

While not all of our circadian clocks look exactly the same, the above graph is a pretty standard rule of thumb. It may take a period of adjustment, but we can pretty much guarantee that you'll be able to reap all the glorious benefits of coffee much more efficiently by following your cortisol peaks and dips, and drinking your java accordingly. Who knows, with this new method you may even be able to save a few extra bucks too.