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Exclusive Interview: Kate Upton, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

Kate+Upton in SI Swimsuit Launch Party hosted By Pranna
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Kate Upton is a rising star in the modeling industry. She was named Rookie of the Year by Sports Illustrated in her first year as a swimsuit model for the magazine and has recently joined the team of sexy beauties at Victoria's Secret. Plus, Kate is making her design debut Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim with two signature suits for Beach Bunny Swimwear. Did we mention she's only 19?

We recently sat down to chat with Kate about life as a model and she let us in on her style, beauty and fitness routines, and gave us the goss on her upcoming swim line. Here are some snippets from our chat:

SB: How would you describe your style?
My style is fun and flirty, but I always like to mix in a little city edge with it as well.

SB: Are there any trends or looks that you're really obsessed with right now?
I love the all-white for the summer. When I look through my closet I realize everything I own is white. But I really like it. White shorts and a white tank and then fun accessories, I think that looks really nice. I also love dresses, they're definitely my thing.

SB: Which designer has been your favorite to work for?
I love working for Guess because all of their stuff is my style. Sexy, but not over the top and casual everyday stuff. So I really love working with Guess.

SB: What would you say is the most common misconception about models?
Everyone has their image of a model, but everyone is their own person. There are people that maybe aren't as smart. But there are intelligent women. There's those that have gone down the wrong path, healthwise, but there are others that haven't. Putting a judgement over any group of people is wrong because everybody is their own person and have taken their own path to get where they are.

SB: Your Dougie video is quite popular on Youtube, do you like to dance?
I love to dance. Even sometimes I'm not very good at it. But I love to dance.

SB: What was it like designing your swimwear with Beach Bunny?
I went to LA and they gave me an idea for a design for it and we just talked about it. Beach Bunny, I've been working for them for a while so we're all friends so it wasn't stressful, it was nice. I definitely haven't done this before sot hey were really helpful to know what' comfortable and what hardware will stay together. I had a lot of fun with it, I hope I can do it again.

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