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David and Victoria Beckham Look Great

David and Victoria Beckham Look Great
Looking ever-dashing for the affair was Mr. Kickball Himself, David Beckham. His wife, sporting a hilarious hat, also looked pretty good.

Both got big cheers as they made their way into the church where they will witness the union of the young Prince William to Kate Middleton. Exciting!!!!

David and Victoria Beckham Look Great
Also making some fans excited were these two very white people. You'd think the gentleman was some evil foil to the royal wedding plan, but he's apparently some completely non-threatening guy... for now.

Kate Middleton married Prince William of Wales in an extravagant, but traditional royal ceremony on April 29th 2011. The Westminster Abbey ceremony hosted 1,900 guests including a flock of royalty, dignitaries, celebrities, socialites and government officials. Kate enlisted the help of three florists and received an heirloom wedding band made from Welsh mountains gold. Queen Elizabeth II hosted an afternoon hors d'ouevres fete at Buckingham Palace for 650 guests, followed by a smaller catered dinner hosted by Prince Charles in the evening. The newly-royal-weds are headed off to a two-week honeymoon on the Necker Islands, where they will have a family friend's private retreat all to themselves.
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