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Exclusive Interview: Jessica Szohr, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

Exclusive Interview: Jessica Szohr, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor
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Exclusive Interview: Jessica Szohr, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor Jessica Szohr
Jessica Szohr is best known for her role as the plucky Vanessa Abrams on Gossip Girl. But outside of her bohemian alter-ego, this rising star has a unique style of her own. She's not afraid to take risks and loves to experiment with different looks.

After a few years as Vanessa, Jessica is now ready to embark on new projects. She's the new face of Dove Go Sleeveless deodorant and has several movies in the works. We sat down to chat with Jessica and she let us in on all things style and beauty. Here are a few snippets from our convo:

SB: Have you found your personal style has changed since being on Gossip Girl?
Yeah, I think it has. I think it has for all of us. Of course I liked fashion before and was into it, but because of being part of Gossip Girl and fashion being a character on the show and living in New York, my eyes have been opened to a whole different side of fashion that I didn't even know existed before the show.

SB: Who are your fave designers? What do you like about them?
I like Chris Benz. I like the shoes that he made, the risks he takes. He's been around but he's still up and coming. I like that he just does what wants and I've always liked his stuff. I like Marc Jacobs. For purses, Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favorites. It's the quality of it, she always picks really nice leathers and she puts cool material inside and they always hold up very well. I like Proenza [Schouler]. Those are my favorites right now.

SB: What's been your biggest splurge so far?
Probably my first Fendi bag. I got it a long time ago, it's just a small little square Fendi bag. I don't spend a ton of money on clothes. I'll get a great bag or a cool pair of shoes. I can't really buy a $2,000 sweater when there are children that can't eat. I don't do too many splurges on one item.

SB: What's in your makeup bag right now?
I have a Burberry bronzer, Laura Mercier foundation, Napoleon mascara. When I do my own makeup I don't do much more than foundation, mascara and bronzer.

SB: You're the face of Dove's new deodorant, what attracted you to them?
I always like what Dove portrays. That it's about being confident and feeling comfortable in yourself. Firstly, we're talking about fashion so much. Your underarms—Dove did a study about —a lot of women are very uncomfortable about showing their underarms. When they approached me about it and I looked at the research and all that. I don't want women to feel like they can't wear what they want to wear because they're uncomfortable about an area of their body.

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Exclusive Interview: Jessica Szohr, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

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