Inspiring Women

Kara Skaflestad started Fighting Pretty, a non-profit that sends care packages to women battling cancer.
Meet Hadyn Hilton — a female entrepreneur who is doing what she loves, fearlessly.
Shauna Martin is the founder and CEO of Daily Greens, a green juice brand that's healthy, delicious, and supports young women in the fight against breast cancer.
The mom of three teamed up with her BFF Hollie Siglin to create Hawk + Sloane, an innovative brand of sprays to aid all sorts of parenting woes.
Learn how Meghan Ritchie took her yummy Megpies from her stoop to Starbucks.
Nikki Pechet tells us how she juggles her thriving career and family life.
Alice Rossiter started Alice's Table to help women (and men!) start their own flower-arranging gig.
We talked to Sara Mauskopf about the decision to start her own company and how being a parent has changed her career.
The 'ANW' record-setter tells us about her latest goals and what living beautifully means to her.
Zoey Taylor shares how she became a celebrity tattoo artist after her unusual upbringing in the Oregon woods.
Tiff Manuell's one-of-a-kind accessories are a true celebration of color and craftsmanship.
Elena Bergeron fills us in on her career and advice for aspiring female sports journalists.
Winnie Park gives us her career advice and shares why it's okay to not be perfect.
Jo Piazza's new book holds the keys to surviving the first year of marriage (and beyond).
Jennifer Olson's 100% artisan-made handbag and accessories brand is one we can all get behind.
Livingly's Game-Changing Women series asks female artists, activists, and influencers to share how they're using their platform to incite change in today's political climate. Meet Khadijah ...
Berry tells us about building a brand with the goal of creating personalized accessories for all of life's biggest celebrations.
The fashion editor-turned-designer tells us about her career transition and why her swimwear line will be your versatile wardrobe BFF.
Here's what you need to know about Elizabeth Chambers Hammer, a woman dominating life while staying true to her roots.
The compelling Joan Juliet Buck shares about her time at the helm of 'Vogue' Paris, her new memoir, and that time she interviewed Syria's First Lady.
Here's what you need to know about Gwendolyn Ford, one of the co-founders of Shop Soko, a jewelry brand sourcing and empowering female artisans in Kenya.
Here's what the stylemaker and business partner Laurenne Resnik have to say about their new endeavor, Bloom2Bloom.
Livingly's Game-Changing Women series asks female artists, activists, and influencers to share how they're using their platform to incite change in today's political climate. You might wond...